Wednesday, 4 March 2015

500 follower giveaway

I hate judging things by stats. Figures don't show the full story, and some of my favorite blogs that I read from start to finish don't have as many followers as other 'popular' bloggers. Saying that, I can't get over the feeling I get when I reach a milestone, especially if I've been in a bit of a rut. If you follow me on instagram & twitter, you will know that I hit 500 followers on 28th February. I'm in no way under the illusion that in this day and age of blogging, 500 followers is a lot, but for me it's huge. I mean think about it, if 500 people were sat in a room listening to me talk about my favorite things, well that would be pretty scary. 

As I hinted at above, I've been in a bit of blogging rut, mainly because I've been forcing myself to be what I thought I should be doing, rather than what I wanted to. Thankfully I'm coming out the other end and enjoying everything bloggy. To show my appreciation to the amazing support my lovely readers and the blogging community have shown me, I thought I'd do a little giveaway for you all, because let's face it, everyone loves free stuff.

So I'm giving away a £30 e-voucher for ASOS. I know I've done ASOS giveaway's before, but I think it's the best way to appeal to everyone. I write about fashion, beauty and lifestyle so I wanted to cover all three bases. At least the winner can choose what they want and will hopefully get use from it! Oh and by doing an e-voucher, it can be international too! It's basically win/win!

 If you are international and win, you must change the currency in the top right corner of to GBP and then ship it internationally. It cannot be converted into another currency. The giveaway will end on 6th April, and the winner will have 48 hours from me sending the e-mail that they have registered with to respond. If they fail to respond, another will be drawn, and so on. All entries will be verified, and accounts used purely for entering giveaways will be disqualified.

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Good luck

Monday, 2 March 2015

S/S 2015 Trend Report: The Marmite

Spring/Summer Womenswear Catwalk Trend Report 2015
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March is here and Spring is finally on it's way! That makes it the perfect time to continue with my spring summer 2015 fashion trends review and help you get a head start on all the key trends this season. This week is the last week I'll be focusing on womenswear, with next week solely dedicated to the beauty trends.

Jeans lovers will be celebrating as denim-mania is about to sweep the nation, well the fashion-conscious. Featured everywhere from Rebecca Minkoff, Tommy Hilfigger, Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi, whether you like it or not, denim is a big player this season. Even Moschino got in on the act with a Barbie inspired two-piece. The good news is, there are so many ways to wear this trend, it's something that everyone can wear. Make like Stella McCartney & Gucci and done hedd to toe denim, with a-line skirts and midi shirt dresses being particularly on trend. If your not that brave, take note from Jourdan Dunn at the Burberry Prorsum show, teaming a denim jacket with similar shades in different materials to create a similar, yet softer look.

Another trend which may, or may not, be your cup of tea is the patchwork, mix and match trend. If it looks like you've customized it yourself you've hit this trend on the head. Bonus points if you incorporate vintage fabric a la Prada and Uma Wang, this trend let's you embrase your creative side. If I'm being perfectly honest, this trend isn't 100% my cup of tea. Whilst I quite like Stella McCartney's soft floral patchwork dress and Prada's green shift, Marni's mono-chrome outfit is too extreme. Proenza Schouler has presented a kind of middle ground incorporating different coloured panels, but I can't see myself donning a pair of half green, half white trousers anytime soon.

So there we have it, I've covered all of the main fashion looks popping up this season (click here if you've missed any). Like it or not, fashion is a form of expression, but I don't think I'm anywhere near as artistic to be able to pull off a pencil skirt and ruffles at the same time.

So are any of these trends off the cards for you?

Friday, 27 February 2015

2015: 24%

February was possibly one of the best months for me. From hitting rock bottom in January, I got offered a job and have now just finished my 2nd week at the most friendly law firm I could imagine. I am happier now than I have been in a very long time and I'm now wondering why it took my so long to make such a little change. 

Making this change has also re-evaluate a lot of other bits in my life and I'm now making lots of small changes because somehow, and about time, I've released that I can control my own happiness. I've finally started to get my craft on and generally doing more of the things I love. Well, not shopping, because that has been given up for lent. Somehow I'm still going strong, but whether I make it all the way to Easter is another thing. Wish me luck.

What I've Been Loving This Month

  1. I've become addicted to anything that gets my heart racing, especially thriller films. I recently watch The Call and would recommend you all watch it right this second. It's just the most amazing film about a 911 operator and a girl who gets kidnapped. Watch it
  2. The Great British Bake Off and Cake International have got me itching to bake some cupcakes. I'm thinking of making some Easter inspired treats and maybe popping a tutorial up for you all. 
  3. Whilst Fashion month has been happening I've been getting excited for the new fashion falling into the shops. Spring is finally here and it's finally time to ditch those leggings, grab the fake tan, and have bare legs. Well, nearly.
  4. I've been really focusing on making myself feel better from the inside out. Although I was very skeptical of The Beauty Molecule, I 100% recommend it! It's perfect for adding into smoothies and juices. 
  5. With the cold weather still here, I've been dreaming of my American adventure in September. I can't wait to travel round California and am already planning a day in Santa Monica & Venice Beach.

What did you get up to this month?