Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation

No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation
Stay Perfect Liquid Foundation in Cool Vanilla - £14.50

I find foundation a really hard thing to get right. Not only am I deceptively pale, but my combination skin also makes finding a good formula extremely difficult. I've been tempted to try out a No. 7 foundation ever since their magical foundation shade finder was advertised. Never one to be able to resist a new beauty gadget, I popped down to my local Boots and gave the system a go.

Before I was matched by the machine and assistant, I actually matched myself. I know, I know, it defeat's the entire point of being shade matched by the professional's and this technology but I've had some very bad experiences which had left me looking like a tangerine. I'm looking at you MAC. I needn't have worried thought as I was matched to exactly the same shade that I matched myself to, Cool Vanilla. Massive thumbs up for their foundation shade matchers accuracy. 

After talking to an assistant about what I want from a foundation, flawless finish, long-lasting, and talking about my skin type, I decided to stick with  what I know, and opted for the Stay Perfect Liquid Foundation. The way this was sold to me was the foundation that ticks all my boxes. It is supposed to provide a flawless complexion that looks naturally opposed to plastic, and has an incurable 24 hour wear time. It's also weather-proof, transfer-proof, won't cake or flake on dry skin, nor slide or shine on oily skin. If that wasn't enough, it's also SPF 15 and hypo-allergenic. I'm not sure what else you could want from a foundation.

I've got a before and after shot below for you, but I do need to give you a massive warning for the before shot. There's one very annoying little hair in front of my face. Of course I didn't see this at the time of taking the photos, and my camera battery is currently on charge. So focus on my skin, not the hair. You'll now all be glued to that hair won't you?!

No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation

No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation

I did warn you.

As you can see, the foundation photographs quite well. The shade is perfect for my skin tone and looks like injected some life into my complexion. It's smoothed out a lot of imperfections, minimised my pores and covered up redness too, which is never a bad thing. I like that it has enough coverage to cover blemishes without the need for concealer whilst still letting my freckles show through. The formula is quite easily to apply but does need a bit of buffing to get a nice finish. I have also found that it does cling to dry patches and transfers quite badly. You know when your talking on your phone? Yeah don't expect your screen to be clean after. But, on the plus side, it does last all day. I can't vouch if it lasts the full 24 hours but it's definitely lasted a good 15 hours without needing a touch up. 

So I'm a bit under whelmed with this foundation. It looks nice and photographs well, but the fact the formula takes a lot of work to blend and there is a problem with clinging and transferring. I think I'll have to keep looking for my perfect foundation.

What's your favourite foundation?

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Charlotte Olympia Unboxing

Charlotte Olympia Cheyenne Flat Sandals
Cheyenne Sandals - £411.08

I couldn't resist showing you these super beautiful creations from the creative genius that is Charlotte Olympia. Wrapped in a Jo Malone-esqe box complete with a bow, I was a very very happy girl when the Post Man delivered these beauties to my door.

 I will be the first to admit that I'm much more of a bag person than a shoe lover, and in fact these are my first pair of high end shoes. I injured my right ankle pretty badly play hockey in my first year of University, and whilst I'm now recovered, it's never going to be 100%. It was so painful for a long time and I'm now, understandably, cautious when it comes to things that could potentially cause me to go over on it. Whilst I wasn't the most confident heel-wearer before, I'm definitely not now.

So I'm investing in beautiful flats, wedges and low heels to make up for it. And these Charlotte Olympia sandals will begin my collection. The flat's are gold-tone and black nappa leather with a single buckle, but double ankle strap. The ankle strap is actually one of my favourite bits. It's one buckle, but the leather wraps round your ankle twice. Maybe it's because I've been to Crete recently but there's something about these that remind me of Ancient Greece. Super famine and so versatile, I can't wait to wear these and be comfortable and stylish.

Are you heels or flats?

Thursday, 23 July 2015

This Girl Can. This Girl Did. This Girl Is.

women's hockey

Whenever the Skip button pops up on Youtube, I press it straight away. I very rarely watch advert's on the television thanks to Sky+. Their time consuming, and unless it's Christmas, boring and repetitive. But a strange thing happened ago. I carried on watching an advert even though I had the opportunity to press skip. 

The advert in question is the "This Girl Can" campaign. A campaign dedicated to encouraging women to incorporate exercise in their lifestyle, and have fun doing it. But this isn't your usual go to the gym, do 100 sit ups, be fit campaign. The main goal is to let women know you can still go swimming if you have bingo wings, or play netball if you're over a certain age. It's empowering, inclusive and promoting self-confidence.

After watching the advert for a second time, I was so motivated I decided to do something to. These weren't women in a fitness fashion photo shoot with "sweat" placed on them ever so perfectly. These were women who were sweaty, shaking and smiling. Oh and kicking ass. I knew which group I wanted to be part of. 

So after deciding not to play hockey for the last two years because of low self-confidence, I went dusted off my stick bag, rinsed out my mouth guard and slipped on some shin pads. It's "off season" right now in hockey, but I didn't let that stop me. I joined my local Back To Hockey sessions, bringing beginners and returning players back to hockey in a fun environment with no pressure. After the first session I thought I was going to die. I was out of breathe, sweaty, and hot. I also had a smile from ear to ear and a positive mood which lasted all week. I made friends and even got asked to play in a friendly club match. 

Sunday was our last session and I'm more gutted that even I would have guessed. Over a month on though and that same advert hasn't become any less motivating. Instead of putting my feet up and saying I've done my bit, I'm going to work on my fitness and join the main hockey club in September. I say, I want to work on my fitness, that's for me. I want to play the best I can. September can't come quick enough.

Moral of the story? Do what makes you happy. Do what makes you smile. Don't put barriers up.

Any tips to help me boost my fitness?