3 Elemental Herbology Face Mask Reviews

Elemental Herbology Face Masks

Elemental Herbology Face Masks

I don’t care what anyone says, blogging works. As a marketing tool that is. You can be the most independent thinking person, but if you constantly see a brand being positively mentioned, it’s going to raise your interest.

And that is exactly what happened to me with Elemental Herbology. After hearing so much about the natural skincare brand, I thought it was about time I found out what all the hype was about.

As a brand, Elemental Herbology is a good ‘un. With the principles of good health, nutrition and wellness guiding its products, it understands that everyone’s skin is different and it’s important to tailor your skincare to get the best results. Packed with incredible nutrients, Elemental Herbology’s skincare is split into the five elements, each helping a different type of skin. Because I have combination skin that changes all the time, I’m recommended to mix and match products from the different ranges.

As a face mask lover, dare I say obsessive, I thought testing out their masks was a good place to start. But why test one when you can try 3?!

Elemental Herbology Facial Glow

A radiance peel, Elemental Herbology Facial Glow is an exfoliating mask that helps to remove dead skin, brighten and improve the texture of the skin.

Containing ingredients such as Manuka Honey, Papaya, and Jojoba beads, you’re advised to use the mask weekly on cleansed skin, leave for around 2-3 minutes, massage with fingertips, then remove with warm water before applying serum and moisturiser.

A slightly runny formula, once I’d given it a like shake the thickness was great. With a bit of a botanical, lavenderish-scent, the mask was easy to apply but did take 10 minutes to set. After washing it off my skin felt refreshed and had a nice glow to it.

At £42.00 it’s one expensive face mask, and I would say there are some budget versions that do a similar job. However, you only need a little product so 50ml should last you a long time so it will work out good value for money. If you are keen to give it ago, try the travel size one which is much more affordable!

Elemental Herbology Facial Detox

A deep-cleansing, purifying facial mask, Elemental Herbology Facial Glow is a balancing Amazonian Clay mask which aims to help clear congestion and remove blackheads.

Suitable for Vegetarians, the mask contains natural ingredients that are cooling on the skin, reducing redness and inflamed skin. Advised to use weekly on oily and congested skin, it is recommended that you apply a thin layer of the face mask to clean, dry skin, leave for 10 minutes then remove with warm water.

My favorite of all the masks, the formula was watery, but just like the Facial Glow, once I’d given it a shake it was a perfect consistency. Featuring that same botanical fragrance, the mask was easy to apply and set perfectly. Once removed, my skin felt decongested and clearer.

Priced at £29.00, this is cheapest of the three masks and well worth the price in my opinion. Using a small amount of product, 75ml should last you ages! The Facial Detox is a great choice if you want to try Elemental Herbology!

Elemental Herbology Facial Souffle

Providing instant hydration, Elemental Herbology Facial Souffle helps stimulate pro-collagen synthesis to help nourish, plump and repair dry, overexposed skin.

Ideal for injecting moisture into your skin as we head into summer, and perfect for frequent flyers (fellow travel bloggers I’m looking at you), this mask basically giving your skin a good ol’ drink. You are recommended to apply the face mask to your face, neck and decollete after cleansing and leave overnight.

I must admit, I’m a massive fan of this mask. A thicker formula than the rest of the masks, I love applying a nice thick layer whilst I’m sat in my office blogging. Not as lightweight as some hydrating masks I’ve used, this face mask definitely does the job and doesn’t leave my skin greasy at all.

Coming in at £49.00 for 50ml this isn’t a cheap option, but if you are a fan of natural skincare, this is one of the best. With 50ml lasting you ages, it’s nowhere near as expensive as you think, and for the effect it has on your skin, it’s worth it.

Overall I am pretty impressed with these Elemental Herbology Face Masks. Although Elemental Herbology isn’t the cheapest brand, its use of natural ingredients and the effect it has on my skin more than makes up for it.

Have you tried Elemental Herbology before? What’s your favourite natural skincare brand? I would love to hear your suggestions!

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