Spring Life Update 2018

Spring Life Update 2018

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we got given fortune cookies at work. I know they’re just a bit of fun, but I kinda buy into them. It’s like horoscopes, I don’t read them daily and see where the moons are or whatever, but when I do read them, mine do weirdly fit. Anyway, after selecting my fortune cookie from the box, I unwrapped the metallic blue wrapper and snapped the cookie in half to find my fortune:

“Life will be taking on new and happier aspects soon.”

This was just what I needed to hear.

It’s no secret that I’ve had a bit of a crappy couple of years, and I’ll be honest, when it comes to writing my seasonal life update posts, I usually have to have a think of what to write. It’s not that I haven’t done anything or made any plans, but for the last year or two, I’ve been a shadow of my former self. Coasting through life, I feel like I’ve just been a bit passive and lacked my usual enthusiasm. You know how it is, you get so caught up in things you forget to live.

Until this year. After graduating with a distinction in my Masters in December I promised myself that this year was a fresh start. And so far 2018 has been amazing.

Catch Up

What’s happened since we last had a little chat? Well, I started a new job in January and since then I’ve been busy settling back into working life. Now I’m not just saying this because it looks good, but I genuinely love my job. I adore my role as a Marketing Assistant, I love the huge focus on content marketing and my office is so much fun. The difference that loving your job can make to your life is only just becoming evident, but yeah, I am super happy.

My new job has been my main real focus over the last couple of months, but I’ve still done some amazing things. I kicked off January with a trip to watch Elf: The Musical and a trip to Leeds to attend Icelolly’s incredible Blog At The Beach. I’m still buzzing from the inspiration I got at Blog At The Beach and putting all the lessons I learned into practice.

February started off a bit quieter, with Chinese New Year fortune cookies and lots of pancakes. I might have spent Valentine’s Day single but I still really enjoyed celebrating the day. After being shown how to get on top of my personal finances and save money for travel with Giffgaff Gameplan, I then had to go back on all my plans to save money and buy all the hot chocolate. The Beast from the East hit Manchester and my commute into work interesting to say the least. It also made our boiler break, so that was fun.

Looking at my calendar for 2018, I thought these months were going to be boring. Funny how things turn out.

Living My Best Life

Like I said, the first couple of months were supposed to be boring months for me, but looking at everything I’ve done, it didn’t work out that way. I’m a big believer that you are in control of your life, and I’m determined to keep going this ‘best life’ thing.

So it’s March, the start of Spring and pretty darn cold at the moment. Thanks to getting more days off than I thought, bank holidays and super smart annual leave planning, I don’t actually work a full week during March and April. I have absolutely loads of mini-adventures planned so it’s probably easier to list things I’m looking forward to.

So here are just some of my plans in numbers:

3 x musicals to watch

2 x new countries to explore

1 x solo travel adventure planned

So far my fortune cookie is coming true! What plans do you have for the next couple of months?