Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb + Bonbon Review

Viktor & Rolf Fragrance Review

Fragrances are powerful things. They can evoke powerful emotions and even help to bring back memories. I think my love of fragrance comes from my mum. She doesn’t spend a lot, but if she splashes out, it will be on a nice perfume. One of the earliest memories of me and mum is sitting in her bedroom whilst she was getting ready and her spritzing a fragrance. I used to be fascinated by all the different perfume bottles, and I’ve got to admit, I still love them now. As we move closer to spring, I’ve started to switch up my fragrance choices, opting for lighter, romantic and delicate scents. Viktor & Rolf make some of my favorite fragrances so I thought I’d share two I’m currently wearing that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Fragrance Review

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Fragrance Review

The story behind Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb collection is really quite special. When coming up with a new scent, the brand wanted to create something a bit different; something that had the power to evoke positive feelings. Using flowers as a weapon against all the negativity in the world, Viktor & Rolf’s aim was to spread beauty and fantasy and transform mindsets. An explosive floral bouquet includes tens of cattleyas, hundreds of sambac jasmine, thousands of freesias and millions of rose petals, in addition to a cocktail of patchouli and vanilla.

Now, being honest, I am not a floral fragrance girl. I like vanilla fragrances that are quite strong and sweet. When I think of a floral scent, I imagine an overpowering, kind of musty ‘grandma’ kind of scent, and that is just not the vibe I go for. But, seeing as Flowerbomb includes notes of vanilla, I decided to give it a try. Luckily, it isn’t anything like I imaged floral fragrances to be. Apart from looking beautiful on any dressing table, this grenade-like bottle is far from being stale. Fresh and floral, but somehow sweet, Flowerbomb is light and super addictive. Once I wear this, I want to wear it every day and I swear I can smell each and every floral note when I first spritz it. Oh, and as for fighting negativity with their creation? I can’t help but smell every time I wear it.

Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Fragrance Review

Viktor & Rolf Bon Bon Fragrance Review

Created with the intent to fuel desire, the key to bonbon’s scent is through irresistible caramel. Aiming to evoke the feeling and absolute pursuit of pure pleasure, Viktor & Rolf Bonbon is a self-indulgent and empowered sensory experience.

If you haven’t smelled Bonbon fragrance, you’d be excused for describing it as sweet, and to an extent, you’d be right, after all, it is a sweet scent. But once you actually experience it, you quickly discover it’s so much more than that. Rather than being sugary sweet, the fragrance is fuller and heavier, embodying what I can only describe as a sweet scent grown up. It could be worn anytime, but for me, this would make the perfect special occasion or date night scent. We can’t talk about Viktor & Rolf Bonbon and not mentioned the beautiful bow bottle. Successfully rendered through a groundbreaking patent process, the contours of the bow’s design have been shaded in pink tones with a precise degrade technique. If that isn’t a work of art, I don’t know what is.

Both evoking different feelings, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb and Bonbon are two of my favorite fragrances for this time of year, but I want to know what are yours. Let me know in the comments below!



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