6 Ways To Document Memories In 2018

Discover 6 ways to document memories in 2018 on The Crown Wings

Happy New Year my beauties! How are we all feeling? As I said in my last post, I love remembering all the adventures I’ve had over the last year. ┬áBut despite loving to reminisce, I am absolutely rubbish at documenting memories. I’d like to think I have a pretty good memory, but obviously forget little things that happen over the course of the year. But these little adventures are just as important as the big stuff so it’s a shame to forget about them. That’s why this year I am determined to document memories right from the start. I’m pretty sure all f you will have big plans for this year so let’s record memories together and see what incredible things we get up to!

Need some inspiration for how to actually document memories? Here’s 6 different ways I’ve been thinking of trying out:

Discover 6 ways to document memories in 2018 on The Crown Wings

One Second A Day Video

I have to give Lucy from Faraway Lucy full credit here, because until I saw her video a couple of months ago, I didn’t even know this was a thing. The name pretty much tells you all you need to know; you literally record one second of your day, every day for an entire year to form one video. I was a bit worried this sounded like hard work, but after a bit of investigation, I’ve discovered it couldn’t be easier thanks to an App. Download, set a reminder so you wont forget to record, and edit your videos at the click of a button. Oh, and the app even smushes (technical term) all of your seconds into one video once you’ve finished, so it’s no hassle at all. Definitely giving this one a go!

Photo Challenge

Remember when you used to cringe at taking selfies? Now everyone will whip out their camera without a second thought. In fact, people actually took selfies on stage whilst getting their certificate at my graduation cermeony. Whilst I might not have reached that level of confidence, a picture does say 1000 words. Although I’ve fallen out of love with Instagram lately, I think giving myself a photo challenge might help me document memories and up my insta game. Keep it simple and just take a photo a day, or follow an existing themed challenge. Either way, this is sure to help you remember all those little moments.

Memory Jar

I’ve seen loads of versions of memory jars on Pinterest ( are you following me?) and think they’re a great idea for those of you who want to document memories without having the pressure of doing something daily. Whenever you have something you want to remember, write it on a small scrap of paper, fold it up, and place it in the jar (or box). Then, at the end of the year, maybe New Year’s Eve, you can empty the jar and read all the memories you saved. This idea also works really well as a Positivity Jar if you suffer from anxiety or depression; fill the jar with positive statements and memories, and take one out whenever you need cheering up.

Discover 6 ways to document memories in 2018 on The Crown Wings

One Line A Day

Anyone else have a diary when they were younger? I’ve always loved the thought of having a diary, but could never keep it going for that long because I just didn’t know what to write. That was until I discovered the One Line A Day Journal. I’ve reviewed the one line a day journal in more detail before, but it essentially works the same as the 1 second a day video, except this time, it’s with words. What’s great about this method is that, not only can you see what you were doing a year ago, you can compare your daily entries for 5 years! They also do special editions for Mum’s, which would make a cute baby shower present.

Twitter Threads

We all know that if you want to rant, you should thread your Twitter posts together to make it easy to follow, but did you think about using them to document memories? I recently saw how threading tweets could be used to help you keep track of memories as people were reminding about their 2017 adventures in the build up to New Year’s. Actually, a really good example of this is one of my favourite blogger buddies, Amy Jane Alice. As a book blogger, Amy has used a thread to showcase the books she’s read throughout the year, but this could be applied to any genre. I think this could work so well for those of you spending the majority of the time on the road.

Monthly Reviews

All of these sound a bit too much on top of your normal life chores? I recommend doing monthly reviews at the very least. For a while I’ve simply done seasonal updates on my blog, and that’s fine for sharing the highlights with you lot, but misses a load out of my own records. Although I’m not planning on giving you all monthly updates, I’m definitely going to do personal monthly reflections for myself. A lot can happen in a month, and it’s nice to acknowledge all progress no matter how small it might be.

So there we have it; 6 of my top ways to document memories and remember the good stuff. Out of all them, I’m definitely most keen to give the 1 Second A Day Video & Memory Jar a go. There’s something about having a video that really appeals to me; fingers crossed I can keep it up all year-long.

How are you going to document memories in 2018? Let me know in the comments below!



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