17 Things I Did In 2017


2017 has been an odd year for me; mixed with incredible highs, and some horrible lows. Despite the good outweighing the bad, I’m not going to be sad to say to goodbye to the year on New Year’s Eve. ┬áNot one to focus on the negative, I think it’s quite nice to have a little reflect and remember some of the amazing adventures I got up to this year. After all, it wasn’t all bad.

  1. Go on my first cruise and love it!
  2. Visit 6 countries, including my first visits to Italy, Canada and Vatican City.
  3. Meet an amazing group of people on the Northeastern BLT with Trek America.
  4. Migrated over to WordPress and then wonder how I ever managed on Blogger.
  5. Eat in total darkness and not spill a single thing at O.Noir in Montreal.
  6. Fly to New York in Business Class for the first time after getting a free upgrade.
  7. Watched Dolphins play in the wake from our balcony on a cruise ship.
  8. Be nominated for 2 UK Blog Awards 2018.
  9. Sing ‘Sweet Caroline’ at the top of my voice whilst watching the Red Sox at Fenway Park.
  10. Complete a marketing internship at Everywalk.com
  11. Walked in the Easter Bonner Parade in New York.
  12. Had a couple of cocktails in an ice bar in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.
  13. Bought my dream car, a Fiat 500, after my KA was scrapped.
  14. See snow at Niagara Falls in April.
  15. Graduated from M.Sc Marketing with Distinction from the University of Salford.
  16. See 7 theatre shows including Nativity, Billy Elliot, and the preview of Anastasia on Broadway.
  17. Get a graduate job as a marketing assistant which I start in January.

I guess 2017 hasn’t been such a bad year for me after all. After everything that has happened in the UK, and in Manchester in particular, I know I’m so lucky to have all these amazing memories.

Looking at what I’ve already got planned for 2018, I’m super excited to end the year and see what adventures I have! What have you got planned in the new year? Are you travelling anywhere nice? Let me know below and make me jealous!