Travel Bucket List: Where to Travel in Winter

where to travel in winter

When it comes to travel in winter, I’m a complete novice; in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had a trip away during the winter months! It’s not that I don’t want to travel during this time of the year, I’ve just never really had the chance. Despite my lack of experience, it’s not stopped me dreaming of a winter getaway, so that’s what I’ve decided to share with you today; my winter travel bucket list.

Quick side note; you’ll probably notice a theme as you read this post. Whilst some people follow the sun as the temperature drops, I like to fully embrace all things winter. I abosultely love living in a country that has distinct seasons and prefer to take advantage of all the seaonal activities instead of running away from them. My waffle aside, here’s my winter travel bucket list!


Right at the top of my list, one of the places I’m determined to get to in the next couple of years, Iceland is the country I think of first when someone mentions travelling in winter. All the photos I’ve seen of the Golden Circle look incredible and I’d love to go whale watching again. I honestly can’t think of a better day than pampering myself at the Blue Lagoon Spa and then chasing the Northern Lights at night. Perfecto!

New York

We all know the USA has a very special place in my heart so it’s expected I’d sneak it in somewhere. This year I FINALLY got to explore the amazingness that is NYC, but I am desperate to go back, and soon! I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been raised on cheesy American Christmas films, but my dream Christmas involves seeing all the decorations and festivities in NYC. Anyone who knows me knows I’m like a kid at Christmas, so to see the huge trees and all those lights would be a dream come true.


Ok who doesn’t want to go to Lapland in Winter? Home to the main man himself, there’s a year-round Santa Claus Village to get you into the festive spirit. With Snowmobiles, husky and reindeer sled rides and the arctic circle to enjoy it’s the perfect winter wonderland. Oh, and there’s even more opportunities to spot the Northern Lights too!

where to travel in winter


Japan is really high up on my travel bucket list anyway, but I really want to visit Japan in winter for one cute reason, and one fluffy reason alone; snow monkeys! Found in Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park in Nagano, Japenese Macque’s can often be seen taking a dip in the natural hot springs. It’s basically a monkey hot tub and I am desperate to see it with my own eyes.


Less than a hour flight away from me, and yet I’ve still not ticked Bruges off my list. How?! If you are going to travel in winter, espeically in Europe, chances are you’re going bump into a Christmas market. Surrounded by fairytale archiecture, the Christmas market is held in Market Square. Seeing as it’s the home of chocolate, it would be rude not to try the hot chocolate wouldn’t it?!

St. Petersburg

I’m a little bit in love with Russian history, and even saw the preview of Anastasia: The Musical on Broadway when I was in New York earlier this year. I absoultely adore the arcetecture and find something about St. Petersburg magical. It’s worth noting that most Russians follow the Julian Calendar, meaning Christmas is celebrated in January rather than December, making it a great trip to start the year off with.

where to travel in winter


My fellow blogger friend Kirsty is in love with Poland,and I honestly don’t blame her because it looks beautiful. As a big history geek I really want to visit Krakow so I can enjoy all the culture whilst also visiting their amazing Christmas market. Usually draped in snow, it looks like a typical Christmas card scene, and I live it myself!

French Alps

Right, I don’t ski. I don’t snowboard. I’m basically Babmbi on ice everytime the lightest frost forms. Yet I am desperate to have a snow holiday. Don’t ask me why, but I seriously want the whole challet, ski-lodge experience. Do I think I’ll be in the next Winter Olympics? No. Do I think it will be a laugh? Yes. Until I break something.

Disneyland Paris

The inner child in me is speaking now. I can’t think of anything more perfect than visiting Disneyland Paris, during winter when all the Christmas celebrations are happening. I mean, it’s the perfect pairing with the happiest place on Earth and the most wonderful time of the year. What more could you possibly want?!

So that’s my travel buckey list for where I want to travel in winter. Have you got any suggestions? I’d love to hear them!



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