Travel Haul || What I Got on the Cruise

ncl cruise travel haul

If I travel anywhere, I will buy something; it’s pretty much guaranteed. I completely admit I’m a shopaholic, and that doesn’t change if I’m somewhere new. Whether it be a souvenir or jewellery, I love collecting things to remind me of my trip when I’m back home. I kind of find it fascinating to see what other people pick up on their travels and thought some of you might too. So, with all this in mind, let the cruise haul begin!

ncl cruise travel haul

As I said, I love picking bits up from wherever I am in the World, and as I literally woke up somewhere new every day, I had quite a few chances. Despite this, apart from a few little bits, I didn’t buy anything major, mainly because we were only in each place for a day and I wanted to see everything. I was desperate to pick up a few bits from Vatican City, and kind of fancied getting a coin as they have their own (limited edition) currency but this was way out of my price range. What I did get was Vatican City stamps, and some rosary beads to remind me of my visit to St. Peter’s Basilica. One of my favourite facts about Florence is that it is the home of Pinocchio, the little wooden puppet that comes to life. Well, as soon as I knew this, I had to have my own puppet. It would be rude not to. He’s now proudly hanging from a hook in my bedroom. Another thing I knew I had to have was a mini Leaning Tower of Pisa. We spent absolutely ages trying to perfect our poses with the tower, so it’s only right that I have my own little version on my desk to remind me to up my selfie game. I  also picked up some postcards at every port as a little reminder of what I saw.

ncl cruise travel haul

Like I mentioned in my NCL Epic cruise ship guide, the shopping opportunities on the ship were incredible. You could actually buy full size models of the ship, but I settled for a Christmas Tree Ornament that is now sat proudly on my shelf. Whilst at a jewellery showcase I caught sight of this turquoise necklace with crystal tips and literally fell in love. I waited a couple of days, and as if by fate, it was reduced in a special hour-long sale. Clearly it was meant to be. Speaking of sales I also got a couple of When sheet masks which had been reduced, along with a Beauty Blender for BB Cream which was ridiculously cheap. Who can resist a bargain?!

ncl cruise travel haul

I hadn’t really bought anything major until our last full day on the ship, when I spotted two Kate Spade bags that had been reduced by 75%(!!!!!!!!). As a complete Kate Spade addict I could not resist such steals. Both these cross-body bags are super cute and great for brightening up outfits.

So that was my travel haul. As I say I love bringing back things to remind me of my travels, especially if they’re as beautiful (and practical) as my Kate Spade bags!

What souvenirs do you buy? What’s the best one you’ve brought home? Let me know in the comments below!