The Ultimate Festive Christmas Playlist

best Christmas playlist

I usually ban Christmas songs until the 1st December, but hey, the 30th November is close enough right?!

As a fan of cheesy music and all things sparkly, Christmas is my time of year. I mean when else is it socially acceptable to wear sequins from head-to-toe in the daytime, sing your heart out and eat your body-weight in super yummy food? Sounds like my kind of heaven to be honest. Yep, at Christmas I turn into some kind of adult-sized child and I bloody well love it.

My Christmas festivities actually kicked off on Saturday so I’m well on my way to rockin’ around the Christmas tree. But are you? If you’re more of a Grinch than a Who, and Scrooge is your homeboy, I’ve got the perfect quick fix to get you into the holiday spirit.

Simply press play and listen to the best Christmas playlist you have ever, and probably will ever 😉, hear. I’m gonna pretend I did this for you, but we all know that’s a lie. And to be honest, I probably enjoyed doing it a little too much. I can’t stand dead short playlists that have finished as soon as you start them, so this one is over 4 hours long. Oops. Well, at least you can pop it on whilst you deck the hall without having to constantly play DJ. Anyway, there’s a complete mix on there from classics to covers, and indie, rock and pop are all covered, so you know, you’re gonna love it! 😉

Right, now that I’m done selling it, time for you to give it a listen…

I hope this Christmas playlist has helped you get all those festive feelings. Now if you excuse me, I have some festive films to binge watch.

What’s your favourite Christmas song? Let me know in the comments below!



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