5 Seriously Spooky Places in the USA

spooky haunted places usa

I’m a complete whimp. There, I said it. I hide behind a cushion the moment I hear spooky music and jump if anyone happens to tap my shoulder. If I were in a horror movie, I’d be the one saying “this isn’t a good idea” before being the first to go missing and taken by Zombies. Yeah, I’m that person. But despite all this, I thought I’d immerse myself in the Halloween spirit (hehehe) and share 5 of my favourite spooky places in the USA. *insert cheesy cackle and thunder and lightning*

New Orleans

haunted spooky places in the usa new orleans

Whilst we were having our meal on our first night in New Orleans, some of the group were debating doing a ghost tour. Now, I must admit I was undecided, and chickened out in the end. Reports came back to say it wasn’t scary in the least and very commercialised, but that didn’t make New Orleans any less spooky. Home to the famous St. Louis Cemetery #1, (home to the burial-place of Marie Laveau, the voodoo queen featured in AHS Coven), the huge cemeteries in New Orleans, known as cities of the dead, can be visited on guided tours. If cemetaries aren’t your thing, the French Quarter and Garden District are worth a walk around, with each giving you a glimpse into the past. Although the huge popularity with tourists has made it a bit gimmicky, it’s still possible to enjoy New Orleans’ haunted history.


haunted spooky places in the usa salem

What do you get when you mix witchcraft with executions? Horror story central. Made famous for the 1692 witch trials which saw the execution of numerous locals for supposedly practicing witchcraft, this is one spooky place in the USA that should definitely be on your list. Less than an hour north from Boston, this spooky town makes for the perfect day trip. With top attractions including Protocor’s Ledge and The Witch House, it’s not one to be missed.


haunted spooky places in the usa los angeles LA

Los Angeles might not be the first spooky place in the USA you think of, but it should definitely be high up on your list. Whilst there’s a few famous cemetaries dotted around, including Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery (where Marilyn Monroe, Farrah Fawcett and Hugh Hefner are buried) and the Hollywood Forever cemetery (where Alfred Hitchcock is buried), the city is full of allegedly haunted buildings. With Hotel Roosevelt, the Queen Mary in Long Beach, The Comedy Store (no joke!), Knickerbocker Hotel and Griffith Park all having alleged sightings of ghosts, it’s a prime location for Ghostbusters.


haunted spooky places in the usa graceland

Whilst I absolutely loved my visit to Graceland in Memphis, I did feel like Elvis could walk in at any second. Maybe it’s because everything has been left as it was, but as I learned more about Elvis’ troubles in his later years it became a bit more eerie. And it’s not just me! Elvis’ spirit is supposed to haunt is former residence and place of death, particularly in the Meditation Garden where he and his parents are buried.


haunted spooky places in the usa alcatraz

When I was in San Francisco I managed to get tickets for the night tour of Alcatraz and, after visiting, I can understand why people believe it’s haunted. There are loadsĀ of reported incidents on the island, with the most alleged activity occurring on the utility corridor where a inmates were killed following a failed escape. Al Capone spent his final years at Alcatraz as his health was in decline and people have stated to hear him play his banjo in the prison, especially in the shower room. There’s also a pretty creepy ghost story about Cell 14D, where an inmate in the 1940’s was strangled to death in his cell over night after claiming about a creature with red glowing eyes was killing him. Visitors to that cell have a different atmosphere.

Despite being a complete whimp, I do love a good ghost story and find the history of these spooky places in the USA so interesting. Have you been anywhere spooky or haunted? Let me know in the comments below!



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5 Seriously Spooky Places in The USA including haunted houses in Memphis, LA and New Orleans