Seeing Dinosaurs in the Wild

On Sunday I went on a very exciting journey; more exciting than any of my other trips. I time-travelled. That’s right people, I made a visit to the past, in true back-to-the-future style, and saw dinosaurs in the wild.

No, I haven’t gone mad, I did actually see dinosaurs in the wild and in true The Crown Wings fashion, I decided to blog about my trip.

Dinosaurs in the Wild Experience

After being introduced to Chronotex Enterprises and their work, we were handed safety glasses. Safety is a big priority at Chrontex Enterprises and you’re asked to watch a safety video before catching one of the time-scheduled X90 Transfer Pods. Then it’s full speed ahead (or should I say behind) to the Late Cretaceous period, where Chrontex have established their research station, TimeBase 67.

However, before you get to the station, sit back and enjoy what can only be described as a dinosaur safari. If you’ve ever fancied visiting Jurassic Park, here’s your chance. We watched herds of animals pass in front of our vehicle and even had to avoid a few T-Rexs.

dinsoaurs in the wild manchester

Once we were safely in TimeBase 67 and had disembarked our vehicle, we began our journey around the station. Starting in the reception area, we were led to Chrontoex’s laboratories, where we got to see examples of their research. From discovering new species, to analysing blood we saw it all. Next up was a live dinosaur autopsy; definitely not something for the squeamish!

dinsoaurs in the wild manchester

My favourite part of the tour around TimeBase 67 was the hatchery; a chance to see three incubators full of ethically sourced eggs. We were even lucky enough to see a baby Dakotaraptor hatch out of it’s hard shell, and I have to admit, it was a right little cutie.

Next up was the Animal Lab. Split into two areas for both nocturnal and daytime creatures, you get to see some of the animals that are being studied by the scientist. Now, I know what your thinking, seeing dinosaurs in cages isn’t exactly the same as dinosaurs in the wild, but Chrontoex explained this. All of these animals have been hatched at the TimeBase or rescued for treatment and are awaiting for release. They’re all still very much wild, and we were reminded to keep alert at all times.

dinosaurs in the wild manchester

After watching feeding time we were taken to the final area of our tour, the Lookout. Offering panoramic views of the plains outside, you never know what you might see. We saw some incredible things including some rare Pterosaurs (giant bird like creatures)!

Having seen plenty of dinosaurs in the wild we were now ready to be transported back to the future (COULD. NOT. RESIST). Unfortunately, we did encounter a few issues in doing this, but to be fair, they were completely unforeseen circumstances. Nevertheless, Chronotex delivered is safely back and we lived to tell the tale. And write the blog post.

All time-travelling fun aside, I really enjoyed my visit to Dinosaurs in the Wild. Whilst there were a lot of kids in our time slot, there were also fully grown adults like us too! Oh, and I have to say, the attention to detail and standard of the whole performance was right up there at Disney/ Universal levels; much better than anything I’ve ever seen in the UK.

Where can you see Dinosaurs in the Wild?

If you want to go on your own time-travelling adventure, Dinosaurs in the Wild is at EventCity in Manchester from now until 2nd January 2018, before moving to Greenwich Peninsula in London from 12th February 2018.

You need to book tickets and choose what time slot you want. It’s also worth noting that all venues are completely accessible, although there is a small amount of walk at a very slow pace.

The experience is fully guided in small groups and lasts around 70-90 minutes.

As you can probably tell, I really enjoyed seeing Dinosaurs in the Wild and would absolutely recommend you catch a performance.

Now, being the completely history geek that I am, I would love to know where you would love to time-travel to! Let me know in the comments below!