Sanctuary Purifying Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask

Sanctuary Purifying Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask Review

As a face mask addict, whenever something new comes on the market, I want to try it. I’ve tried a lot of random trends over the years (hair glitter anyone?) but this one may be the most bizarre. Introducing the bubble sheet mask.

What They Say

Claiming to reduce the appearance of pores and excess oil, this sheet mask combines the magic ingredients of charcoal and oxygen to give your skin a deep cleanse. Once both parts of the mask are placed onto clean, dry skin, the microbubbles are supposed to dislodge any clogged pores so it can be removed easily. After 10 minutes you can remove it, massaging any remaining bubbles into your face before rinsing it off with warm water and moisturizing.

What I Think

Maybe it’s because I don’t read packaging properly, or maybe its because it’s not 100% clear, but this mask comes in two halves. Looking at it now, there’s a diagram right on the front, but it obviously didn’t click with me until I took it out. Also, I don’t know if I have a small face, but sheet masks tend to come up huge on me and this is no exception.  On top of that, it’s absolutely soaked in the serum, which is great because your skin gets a treat, but it does make applying it slightly tricky. Saying this, it’s the only sheet mask that has stayed on my face whilst standing upright, so small victories.

Having read a little bit about bubble masks, I was curious to try it out myself. Despite seeing lots of photos, I wasn’t really expecting what happened. A minute after applying the mask, I looked in the mirror and notice bubbles had formed on the surface of the sheet mask and as time went on, more and more seemed to develop. Had I not looked in the mirror, I wouldn’t have known as there was no other sign. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself every time I saw my reflection. Let’s put it this way, don’t even try and answer your front door with this on. Unless it’s Halloween, then go for it! On a serious note though, the mask felt quite luxurious, like I was having an expensive spa treatment, which is always going to be a winner.

Bubbles aside, did it do what it promised? As you all know Charcoal has become a massive part of my skincare regime, so I had pretty high expectations. I was initially worried that this was just going to be a novelty mask and not have any benefits, but I was pleasantly surprised. Once I’d rinsed the mask off, my skin was much clearer and seemed to be glowing. Before applying the mask my pores were pretty visible but reduced in size dramatically after using it. At £5.00 for one use, this isn’t the cheapest mask on the market, and there are definitely some better alternatives that are more budget-friendly. However, if you’re keen to try new beauty trends, this is definitely a good one to try. Would I use it again? Maybe if there was an offer, or for a girls night because it was a good giggle.

So before you go I’m going to leave you with a kinda terrifying, kinda hilarious photo of me wearing the mask. Enjoy!

Sanctuary Purifying Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask Review

What’s your favorite mask? I’d love to hear your recommendations!