Coming home – Why I love returning

.coming homeIt’s no secret that I love traveling, it’s pretty much developed into an obsession. So when I tell people that I love coming home after a trip, I usually get a funny look. Don’t get me wrong, I totally get it. I mean, if I love traveling so much, wouldn’t I rather be traveling than home. Let me explain…

You can have too much of a good thing

Ever been on a Summer holiday and heard someone say “I’m ready to come home now”? They’ve had their travel fix and ready to return to normality. Usually spoken by someone who’s been there a while, it’s holiday crazy talk right?! The majority of people save up like made to travel somewhere, so to say you’d rather be home is a bit of a waste. Thing is, I completely agree with them.

Since being bit by the travel bug a couple of years ago, I’ve been on some amazing adventures across North America. Despite having the time of my life, I’ve always been ready to come home.

When I travel, I like to do as much as possible, experience everything I can and grab each opportunity. That’s exhausting. Up early then out all day, I’m not one to just sit around because I get bored easily. I wouldn’t change a thing, but pretty full on.  I do actually like relaxing the pool, but after a couple of hours, I’m done.

If I’m traveling with my family, we’re usually in one place and in a resort town or similar. I will have done everything I’m interested in within 7-10 days then after that time, I’m pretty much left twiddling my thumbs.  If I’m on my own, I move around so I see as much as possible. Whilst this gives me loads of opportunities for things to do, traveling constantly takes it out of you. It also doesn’t help that I’m no good at pacing myself. Each solo trip I’ve done so far has been planned to fit in with my schedule at home. Limited holiday time, fixed University breaks; sometimes it can be a little tricky. This means planning as much as physically possible into 2 weeks, with ‘days off’ not an option. Sometimes coming home is actually a nice rest.

In both situations, if I’d carried on as I normally do for any longer, I wouldn’t enjoy it as much. Spending more than two weeks in a resort usually finds me running out of things to do. At the other end of the spectrum, constantly traveling with few, if any, rest days for 2 weeks is just tiring. That’s not to say I’d change anything because I wouldn’t. I just think it’s best if you end a trip on a high, rather than let any memories get tainted somehow. Everything is good in moderation, and, for me, the same applies to traveling.


 Coming home makes me feel lucky

My love for returning back home isn’t only about keeping my travel habit in moderation, but also reminding myself about how amazing my life is.

Whenever I fly home, I spend the flight reminding myself how crazy my life is. Warning: I’m about to get all Miss World on you. There are so many people who would do anything to have experienced just some of the things I’ve done whilst traveling. I mean, I’ve seen whales migrate, I’ve watched the sunrise over the Grand Canyon, I’ve been on Maid of the Mist, all these things blow my mind. No matter how many incredible opportunities I have, I never want to take them for granted. Coming home lets me compare my traveling adventures to my day to day life, and that comparison is the reason I am always grateful whenever I get a chance to travel. If I never came home, well, what would I have to compare it to? My experience wouldn’t be special, it would just be part of my routine. I never want travel to loose it’s magic.

There’s another element to my reflection though, and that’s that I have so much to return home to. I have an incredible life back home; amazing family and friends,  my best fluffy friend Oliver, a promising career. Some people go traveling when they haven’t got anything to keep them in one place. I do it because I want to grab every opportunity. One of my favorite movie scenes of all time is at the beginning of Love Actually when it shows you the Arrivals Hall at London Heathrow. It shows people reuniting after trips, and it’s possibly the most beautiful thing. It physically shows how great it can be to return home. For me, home is the safe place where I feel the most loved. No matter how far I travel, I’ll always end up coming back. Why would you not go where you’re happiest?

Although juggling traveling and having a life back home can be a challenge at a time, it’s definitely worth it. Somebody once told me I wouldn’t be able to have everything I wanted at home and traveling. Well, I have to make compromises but the way I feel when I’m coming home proves them wrong.

How to feel about coming home? Let me know in the comments below!



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