Summer Update

summer 2017 update

I say it in every update, but time seriously is flying by. It still amazes me that I’ve already been across the pond to USA and Canada and completed two-thirds of my Master’s degree. If I thought the last three months were tough, the next three are going to be even harder. Apart from celebrating my birthday (4th July FYI 😉), I’ve got a lot on my plate over Summer but hopefully, all my hard work will be worth it when Autumn comes around. 

Before I begin talking about all the things I have going on in the next couple of months, I just want to mention two things that have really had an impact on me over the last couple of weeks.

Firstly, I would just like to send my love, thoughts, and prayers to anyone affected by the horrendous attack in Manchester. Nothing I could ever write will ever be enough to truly convey how I feel. Whilst I’ve talked about the attack a lot on Twitter, I want to take a moment to address the event here. Having friends directly involved in the incident, I felt incredibly lucky that everyone I knew and myself was safe. Although I keep up with World Affairs and sadly see pictures of devastation daily, there is nothing like it happening right on your own doorstep to really show you the realness of it all. A born and bred Mancunian, I am extremely proud of how my city has shown solidarity and supported each other. The work done by the emergency services and those acts of kindness by strangers really illustrated the friendly, caring community I live in. Tony Walsh’s poem, This Is The Place, is the best thing I have seen to show people why Manchester is special. This city is magical and I will forever be a proud worker bee.

It seems trivial to mention the next thing after the scale of the above incident, but another thing that has been on my mind is my dog, Oliver. About a month ago, my dog became seriously ill; he stopped eating, couldn’t keep water down, stood looking vacant shivering. This was the first time in his 15 years that he had ever been ill; he’s a tough cookie. Of course we took him to the vets, and he seemed to get better after treatment, only to deteriorate a couple days later again. This circle went round three times. We thought it was it, and time to say goodbye. Getting this little fur ball for my 10th Birthday, I was devastated. This dog has been the one constant as I worked through so many things and I really didn’t want to see him suffer. Then we had a heatwave and he stopped drinking all together. After staying up all night and syringing water into his mouth the vets kept him in for tests and to put him on an IV drip. I was terrified about getting the results but turns out he has acute Pancreatitis, which is able to be treated. It’s now been a few days since he finished treatment and I’m so so happy and relived to say he’s back to his normal self. It’s been a long hard month, even longer for Oliver, and I can only describe it as an emotional roller coaster.

So yeah, the last month hasn’t be the best, but here’s what is coming up in my life:


Thanks to all of the above, blogging has taken a back seat. Being up 24 hours with Oliver, I wasn’t in the mood to blog, and I just didn’t feel it was appropriate to talk about bath bombs and boarding passes following the Manchester Arena attack. I needed time to process the events and thought it was best to take some ‘me time’ rather than produce content I wasn’t happy with. But now I’m back and really feel I’ve found my feet within the blogging community. With the next couple of months a bit manic thanks to a lot of University work, I’ve got my act together and pre-planned my posts so *fingers crossed* posts will be regular. Speaking of being organised, I’m also sorting my archive out to make sure you guys get the highest quality possible! 

I’m writing this post just as a controversial article has hit the Blogosphere claiming that there is no room for new bloggers. Whilst this article has now been edited, I just want to give my two pieces on it. Yes, there are a lot of bloggers, but that was the case when I started in 2012. Having blogged for 4 years I’ve seen bloggers come and go, and some bloggers climb to achieve amazing success. Maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t see this cycle change anytime soon. So blogging is popular? Well that’s just more motivation to be the best you can be and gives you more opportunities to connect. 


So I actually got my latest results from my Master’s assignment today and I currently have a Distinction average! In case you didn’t know, last year I made the decision to follow my dreams and make a career change from law to marketing. With no experience in marketing, I thought studying MSc Marketing would help give me a bit of a foundation that I could build upon. I am so so proud of myself for being brave enough to make this move, and really chuffed I am getting good grades. I’ve even been awarded the Gold Level of the Student Success Award! All this means I can move into the final stage of the Master’s degree, and begin the Business Innovation Project. There are quite a few different options you choose, but I’m doing a 3-month placement at a social shopping platform. It’s going to be tough working full time, writing my final postgraduate report, blogging and having a life, but I know this isn’t forever and will be worth it in the end. 3 months, a 10,000-word report and 20-minute presentation and I’ll be all set to start my new career. How exciting?! 


I’ve got a confession to make. When I was at my most unhappiest, I believed having things would fix my problems. News flash: it didn’t. Now that I’m pretty content with my life, I don’t need as much stuff. I don’t think I’m ever going to be a minimalist, but a clear out every once in a while won’t hurt. I don’t think I’ve had a de-clutter for years, so inspired by my review of 5 of the best spring cleaning books, I’m going to give it ago. Is it going to be easy? No. Is it going to worth it? Oh yes. Pinterest worthy interiors here I come.

So that’s my plan for the next three months. What are you up to? Let me know in the comments below!