How to Beat Post-Holiday Blues

how to deal with post-vacation blues

Ah Summertime; a time when the masses descend on far-flung places in search for a week or two in paradise. But like all good things, a holiday must come to an end and sometimes that return isn’t so wonderful. Welcome to post-holiday blues; that awful transition period from traveling to normal life, where everything feels a bit less magical back home.

Yep, think a never-ending inbox, lack of motivation on Monday morning and extreme disdain for anyone who dares mention an airport. Oh I have been there many times. Every time I’ve come back from a Trek America trip, it’s taken my weeks to adjust back into my routine. Thankfully, the more I travel, the more I get used to coming home and learn how to make this whole ordeal a little bit easier.

With all that said, here are a few tips I’ve learned to make coming home from a vacation slightly more pleasant:

1. Have something to look forward to

If you take one thing away from this post, make it this. Before you go away, make plans to do something when you get back. The problem with coming home is usually to do with not having anything new to be excited about, but if you have something fun organized you’ll quickly see you can have as much fun at home as you did away. Well, nearly. Personally, I’d try and arrange it for a week or two after your back so you can get over any jet lag. This is also when the blues are at it’s worst so it will work a treat at bringing you out of your slump. 

2. Start planning the next adventure

Can’t beat them? Join them! So you’ve only just stepped foot back on home soil? Well, that doesn’t stop you planning the next adventure. Like I said, holiday blues is partly down to a lack of excitement, but nothing gets me giddy like the prospect of a new trip; whether that be real or fictional. Even if you haven’t got the time or money to head off just yet, there’s no harm in window shopping right? As long as you keep location browsing to a healthy amount and avoid any jealousy, you should be filled with holiday inspo for your next travel opportunity. 

3. Don’t delay returning back to normality

Easier said than done when your instincts tell you to stay in your happy place for as long as possible, but sadly you’re just delaying the inevitable and making the process much harder. It’s nice to have one or two days off work when you return from a trip, but if you use the time to prolong your holiday and avoid real life, it’s going to be a bumpy transition. Unfortunately, you have to face that e-mail inbox sometime, and the sooner you deal with it, the sooner you will feel better. Trust me, things like this don’t go away on their own, and tackling it head on will make you feel more settled.

4. Remember the good times

Doesn’t work for everyone, but I really think sorting through all my little mementos and travel photos helps me adjust back to normality. Sort through those photos, scrapbook the leaflets and ticket stubs, do whatever creative stuff you want, but don’t let everything gather dust. It’s super easy to put this off when you have lots of real-life obligations, but taking a day out and remind yourself of little moments from your trip can help your blues no end. 

5. Practice some Mindfulness

So you’ve had some much-needed R & R on a tropical beach and now face rush hour in the pouring rain. Anyone would feel a bit down, but being mindful could help you make the best of the situation. I don’t know about you, but I always get really motivated on holiday and using this motivation when your back home can get you through this re-adjustment period.  Use your new relaxed state to give that new project 100%, come up with some new ideas or get ahead of any jobs you have. Whatever it is, changing your mindset can make a huge difference to your post-holiday blues. 

6. Love Yourself

Ok, so admittedly you may have just shown yourself some love on holiday, taking some ‘me time’ on a beach; but treating yourself once you’re at home can never do any harm. I make a point of pampering myself every night during my first week back at work, just to make the transition a little easier. I think it’s so easy to get caught up in all those jobs that seem to have mounted up, but giving yourself some time to relax to will stop you feeling overwhelmed and prolonging travel blues for longer.

7. Keep the good habits

Just because you’ve returned back home, doesn’t mean you can’t keep a bit of your trip in your routine. For me, this usually means not being so dependant on my phone, and grabbing more opportunities. I always feel so much more relaxed when I’m not constantly looking at my e-mails or Twitter feed on holiday, so carrying this on once I’m back home can help keep the holiday feeling going.  The reason why you felt so good on holiday is usually down to a change, and there’s no reason why other changes once your back at home can’t have a similar effect. Worth a try right?

So those are my top tips for dealing with post-vacation blues. I think the main thing to remember is that everyone always feels sad after coming home from an amazing trip, but by making a few small changes, you can get back to your routine easy.

How go you deal with post-holiday blues? Let me know in the comments below