Golf at a Garden Centre || Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf at Bents

jurassic cove adventure golf at bents garden centre

Surround by palms, next to a lake with a blue sky above me, I would have been well within my rights to assume I was in a holiday resort somewhere. Anywhere else except Glazebury, just outside Warrington in Cheshire. But that’s exactly where I was, just off the busy East Lancashire Road, at Bents Garden Centre

Bents has been a go-to for my family ever since I can remember. The have the most amazing home department, an incredible food hall, craft and children’s boutiques and even a dog cafe! After popping into the Garden Centre for a few plants to jazz up my garden for Summer, I noticed a bit of construction work outside. After a bit of exploring I found out they were building a mini golf course. 

Now I have to share a secret, I’m crazy golf obsessed. Like seriously! I’ve done them all over the world, with my favorite course being in Majorca, and kinda consider myself a little bit of a pro (and modest). With a new one opening up right on my doorstep, it would be rude not to try it wouldn’t it? So dusting off my golf clubs, I headed on down, ready to get my putt on. 

9-hole mini golf course

jurassic cove adventure golf at bents garden centre 

Set in the outside section of the main Garden Centre, Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf is a 9-hole mini golf course with an ancient theme. Filled with multiple animatronic and static dinosaurs, including a life-size moving T-Rex, it sticks to its theme perfectly, with even the odd roar being heard. 

Crazy golf is just for kids right? Well let me tell you something, as a group of adults, we have the best time.  Whilst the attraction is very family-friendly, everyone can enjoy hitting a golf ball around a few dinosaurs. It’s also not a super easy course, and although it’s only 9 holes at the moment, it still took us about 45 minutes to complete it. Oh, and it only took 1 of those minutes before we got slightly competitive. Navigating water, bumps, and corners, I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a long time. 

What’s even more exciting is that Bents have plans to expand, with another 9 hole course with a pirate theme due to open Spring 2018. 

Even though I didn’t win (it was fixed), I know that we’ll be back to Jurassic Cove for a re-match soon. 

P.S. I’m trying to explore more local places because it’s super easy to forget all the amazing things in your own back garden. From now on, expect a mix of near and far.