Wakelet: My Travel Planning Must-Have

Wakelet For Travel Inspiration Planning Organisation

It’s no secret I have uncontrollable wanderlust. There’s not a day that goes by when I’m not thinking about another trip, so when something comes along that makes putting my passion into practice that much easier, then it’s only fair that I share the secret right?

Let me introduce you to Wakelet

Wakelet For Travel Inspiration Planning OrganisationI don’t know about you, but when I’m searching the internet for anything travel related, I usually find something I want to save. Maybe I’m on the bus and haven’t got time to read an article on the best hotels, want to show my mum a photo of an amazing beach or just want to keep something for later. Fun fact, 75% of us only ever use browser bookmarking to save information from the internet, so chances are that’s you. To be honest, I think that’s pretty standard, you want to go back to something later, you bookmark it right? Well what if I told you there’s a better way? 

Wakelet is a platform that allows you to save information, add information and store information. It basically allows you to manage what you want, your way. To say the options are limitless isn’t an exaggeration. If you want to do it, you can. Why not just use one of my existing social media profiles? Well no other platform allows me to combine so many different elements. With Wakelet I’m able to save a tweet I sent whilst in New York, my instagram photos from Canada, blog posts and add my own text. In a layout that I choose, I can add whatever I want from the internet, add my own photos and text and know everything’s in one place. 

The uses for Wakelet are countless, but this is how I use Wakelet for travel:

Wakelet For Travel Inspiration Planning Organisation

Wakelet organises my travel inspiration

I lose hours to the internet, looking at people’s travel pictures and videos, I read countless travel blogs sharing adventures. When I’m looking for travel inspiration, the options can be a little overwhelming. Sometimes I just want one place where I can collect all my own ideas, along with any bits of information I’ve found along the way and that’s what Wakelet lets me do. I can add bits whenever inspiration strikes, and look at it wherever I am in the world. It’s flexible and the best way to organise your ideas.

Waklet helps me plan my trips

Wanderlust really should be my middle name; it’s a massive part of my life. I’m always planning trips but sometimes I need a little extra help. Take September for example. In September I’m going on a cruise with my family to some incredible places. Now, knowing my obsession with the world, my family have asked me to organise what we do which is harder when it looks. Whilst I’m finding different ideas, mainly from other people’s blog posts or tweets recommending places, I’m putting them all in a single Wake that I can then share with my family. 

Wakelet lets me share my travels with my friends and family, my way.

So, we all know I’ve just got back from a trip to USA and Canada (I’ve started my travel diaries if you’re behind) and of course, I have a load of memories from it, but how do I share them with everyone? Well for that I’ve created a Wake.  Featuring all my twitter updates throughout the trip, all my instagram posts whilst on the road, the blog posts I’ve written to date, extra photographs I want to share, youtube videos, any articles that help to explain what I saw. I can even add extra bits of text, a bit like mini blog posts, so I can keep a record of random memories.  With Wakelet, there is no need to forget a thing, and no reason for anyone not to be able to see your journey. What I love that most is that I can choose the layout and what information I put in the Wake. On most platforms you kind of loose control of what others can see after a while. This can’t happen with Wakelet because you choose exactly what you want. Want to avoid a drunken tweet? Easy. My parents don’t have Instagram, but I always want to show them my photos on there, so adding the pictures I want them to see to my Wake is the perfect way for them to follow my travels.


Wakelet #MakeAWake Challenge

As a company Wakelet is amazing; it truly cares about people and helping the community. Do you know where the name for Wakelet came from? That vapor trail behind a plane, the idea of leaving something behind as you move forward. In the spirit of creating something meaningful Wakelet are challenging you to create your legacy and #MakeAWake that will help others. I’ve decided to leave my legacy by looking at volunteering abroad. I’ve always wanted to do something meaningful whilst I travel and I can’t think of anything better than helping the local community, whether that be through volunteering at a school or doing some wildlife conservation.  Whether it be something small like baking a cake for a friend who is going through a hard time, or something big like a raising money for charity, it all helps someone and leave a mark. 

I can’t wait to see you all #MakeAWake! Make sure you leave me your links so I can see what you decide to do!