Why I’m Not A Niche Blogger

Why I Don't Niche Blog

Read any guide on blogging and they will talk about focusing your blogging on a specific area. In fact, some even go as far as to say you have to blog in a niche area to be successful. See, here’s the thing, I don’t buy that.

Some of my favourite ‘big’ bloggers aren’t niche

Sure, they might talk about niche topics, but they talk about a couple instead of just one. Take the lovely Hannah Gale for example, she’s there rocking travel, fashion, lifestyle and beauty. I talk about the same categories and have no plans to niche blog anytime soon. OK, so I do read some niche blogs. I can’t get enough of Where’s Mollie’s adventures and Pages by Megan and What Olivia Did gives me serious wardrobe envy, but even they stray from their niche now and again. So do you have to be niche to be successful? I think not

Success = genuine and authentic content 

Of course I understand the idea that if you blog about a single topic, you are more likely to become recognised in that area, and therefore become ‘big and successful’, but I think that could just as easily happen if you blog about multiple topics well enough. The trick is to make sure your content is genuine and authentic to you; two things that apply to niche and a-bit-of-everything bloggers alike. 

Take me for example, since developing uncontrollable wanderlust I’ve decided to up my Travel posts from once a fortnight to once a week. That’s not because I think I’ll be more successful as a travel blogger or I want to be a niche, that’s purely because that’s the type of content that interests me and I enjoy. For me, travel is as much apart of me as buying bags and bath bombs is. I don’t have just one single love, there’s a lot of different parts to me, and seeing as this is my creative space, I want to share all of those things.

The same could easily be said for a niche blogger. If you are incredibly passionate about a single area, say food for example (I’m hungry, don’t judge), and you blog purely about food, that’s you being genuine and authentic. What isn’t going to help you be successful is trying to fit into a niche that your not completely in love with,  all because it’s ‘on trend’. It’s also really sad if you want to blog about something but don’t because you don’t think will be a hit. If you care about it, share it. I love reading about something a bit different and your passion will shine through. Life would be pretty boring if we were all the same. Success is a long-term goal. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve it and if a topic isn’t up your street, it’s going to show. 

Success depends on what you think ‘successful’ is

A very deep question, but kinda relevant. What is success? I’m not going to bore you with stats because the whole caring about analytics is a topic in itself, but it’s really important for bloggers to define what they deem success as. When I write something that I’m really happy with, that I think shows my personality, and is just ‘me’, then any comments or praise I get is worth so much more than if I got praise on something that wasn’t a reflection of me at all. I read a few blogs that have had a complete topic change since I started reading them, some changing to things I’m not into, but I keep reading it because I love the blogger, their passion and writing style. To me that is success; when people read posts because you wrote them. I swear there is a famous quote about this, but I’d much rather be unpopular for being myself, than popular for being someone I’m not. I’m a wanderer, a beauty-obsessive, a bag-hoarder, a people-watcher and probably a million other things. I can’t seperate those things from me, because they make me, me. If people keep coming back for more knowing all that, I’m a happy girl.

So after all this waffle, what I’m trying to say is just blog what you want. If you love something blog it, be it one topic or multiple. Forget the need to be successful, just do you. I hear too many people putting limits on themselves or blogging about things they think will be popular, even if it doesn’t float their boat. Don’t do that, just be you and the rest will follow. 

Following with that theme, tell me about YOU; what do you love, what are passionate about, what defines you? Very deep but I’d love to know!