What’s In My Hand Luggage? New York Edition

What's in my carry on

What's in my carry on

What's in my carry on

What's in my carry on

By the time this post goes live I’ll hopefully be thousands of feet in the air on my way to New York to begin my latest adventure. If you missed me going through my travel plans for this year, you can catch up here. This will be my 3rd Trek America tour, and my first time in Canada and NYC so I’m so excited for what the next two weeks have in store. I’ve scheduled lots of great posts for you all while I’m away, but today I thought I’d share some of the things I’m taking with me in my hand luggage (or carry on if that’s how you roll).

The bag I’m using is the Cath Kidston Foldaway Double Decker Travel Bag in a cute vintage floral print. Unfortunately, I picked this up in the Boxing Day Sales this year so they don’t do the same print, but they still do the style. So far I’d really recommend this bag. It’s so darn roomy, folds to nothing in a handy pouch, and is just perfect for travel. 

Moving on to some essentials, I have my document wallet, and my a document file. I only really do this super level of organisation if I have a lot of paperwork, tickets, visas etc to take with me. I use my cute travel wallet from House of Disaster for documents I need for traveling, so tickets, boarding pass, passports etc. I then use the document file, which is like a presentation book with built-in clear pockets, to keep any documents I’ll need throughout my stay, like trip tickets, hotel confirmations, itineraries, street maps etc. It’s a great way to be able to find a specific piece of paper in a second, but if you only have travel documents, it’s not necessary. Of course, I also have a hardback notebook for making travel notes and jotting down blog ideas, and I bring all the pens possible, because when doesn’t a pen come in handy?

Next, I have all my electricals (minus my camera, but let’s just pretend that’s there). I always take my old iPhone 5c with me on trips and pop in an international sim so I can contact anyone, at any time. An international sim might seem a bit extra, but it really comes in handy in emergencies, and being a solo female traveler, I’d prefer to be prepared. I also make sure I’ve put as many songs on there as possible so I can use it as an iPod and don’t have to rely on wifi. Oh, and headphones are a must. I used to take big over the ear ones, and whilst the quality is better, they get in the way a bit if you travel from place to place every couple of days. I tend to alternate between taking a paperback, and taking my Kindle but have found a Kindle is just easier to read on the go, takes up less space, and gives me more options.

Being a girl, I do take a little make-up bag but never bother with actually wearing any make-up on travel days because it’s just more effort than it’s worth. A Tangle Teezer (Lulu Guinness edition obvs), a mirror and lip balm are all I need to get my through. I sometimes take hand cream and some skincare, but being honest, never use them, so I’ve learned to just not pack them. 

Add in medication, my purse, and glasses and that’s pretty much it. A bit of a boring what’s in my bag, but I only like to carry things I’ll actually use when traveling. 

I’m not sure how much access I’ll have to wifi but if I manage to post I’ll be using the hashtag #WingsWanders so make sure you check that out too! Thanks to a twitter poll I’m also attempting to vlog my entire trip, so if you want to see how that works out, stick around.

What are your travel essentials? Let me know in the comments below!