Fresh Sugar Lemon SugarBath Cubes

Fresh Sugar Lemon Sugar Bath Cubes Review

I’ve wanted to try Fresh for the longest time as their skincare is talked about so much. I have got a cleanser, but after having a mooch around Sephora when I was over in the States a couple of years ago, I spotted this. SuagrBath cubes. If that’s not a product that has my name on it, I don’t know what is. I was actually going to pick that up right there and then, but then felt how heavy it was and decided it wasn’t worth paying for extra luggage allowance. Back then, Fresh wasn’t available over here, with no UK delivery and no stockists. Now they have a few standalone stores, stockists and UK delivery meaning I finally got my hands on this bath time treat. 

What is a SugarBath?

A combination of Brown Sugar and Bocarbonate Soda, the SugarBath cubes are aromatic bath fizzes. Claiming to moisturise your skin, gently remove dry skin and promote healing, it’s clear from the get go these are more than just your standard bath time treat. It couldn’t be easier to use, simply pop 2-4 cubes into a bath and watch your problems fizz away. They also come in a choice of two scents, Lemon, which I have, and Lychee.

What did I think of the Sugar Cubes?

Firstly, the packaging. This arrived in the most beautifully wrapped duck-egg blue box. It had bows, it had tissue paper, it fullfilled all my basic needs. The actually packaging of the product wasn’t a let down either. Remember when I said it was heavy? The jar is frosted glass, with a kind of speckled, marble-esque top. Oh so instagramable. Then came my disappointment. Totally my fault, I didn’t realise you needed 2-4 cubes per bath before buying it, but for the weight of the jar, I thought you would get more product. I have a big bath and, using 4 cubes, I’d probably only manage 4-5 baths from a jar. Not too bad, but I just expected more. Sadly my disappointment just carried on. The inital lemon scent was heavenly. There was no trace of household cleaner, more Summer in Spain. Great, but very short-lived. The fizz lasted a couple of seconds, turning the water slightly cloudy. Whilst my skin felt a little softer, that could have been down to other products. I didn’t really experience any of advertised benefits. For £35.00 a jar though, I’m not sure if I’d repurchase it. It was lovely to finally try it, but you can get the same product for a lot cheaper. The scent was hevanly and the packaging is to die for, but I think the amazing packaging made me raise my expectations higher than the product could deliver. Not going to lie, kinda gutted.

Have you ever had high expectations based on packaging? Have you tried anything from Fresh? I’d love to try more of their skincare so any recommendations would be great!