50 Thoughts I Had Getting The Train To London

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Oh Manchester Picadilly, you beautiful train station. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no Grand Central, but it’s nice and home, and that’s all that matters. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was on the train to London on my own and decided to keep a track of where my mind wandered.  And being a blogger I decided why not make a post about it, so here’s what went on in my head:

  1. I’m going to be late, I’m going to be late, the train is going to leave without me and I’m going to be late.
  2. Oh God, which platform is my train?
  3. OO I wonder if any of these people are bloggers?
  4. Why do they make the platform information so bloody small?
  5. God I hope no-ones watching me squint trying to work out which ones my train.
  6. Tall people should be made to stand at the back. 
  7. Oh, and the board has now changed. Great, thanks for that.
  8. Where was I up to erm right, I think that might be me, let’s just go get a drink.
  9. Why is the queue so long? Like seriously? Don’t they have any staff?
  10. Oh gosh, what do I want? Why so many choices? What’s cool nowadays?
  11. I’m going to be late, I’m going to be late, the train is going to leave without me and I’m going to be late.
  12. Avoid pigeon. Mr pigeon walk away, this is a pigeon free zone.
  13. Move along people, late woman coming through.
  14. Yep, don’t mind me, just hurdling over your suitcase. Nothing to see here.
  15. Why is my ticket not scanning? 
  16. For just once in my life I’d like to go through a turnstyle gracefully without nothing getting tangled.
  17. OOO that’ll make a good Instagram.
  18. Im late, I’m late, please don’t leave me.
  19. Of course I’m the last carrige, it would have to be wouldn’t it. 
  20. Now where’s my seat. Hmm not me, not me, not me, ooo nice bag, not me, not me, not me, ME! 
  21. What if someone else has this seat and they’ve double booked us? 
  22. What if this isn’t my seat?
  23. You can read, this is your seat, be calm and try to look normal. 
  24. OMG what if this isn’t my train. Like seriously, I was in a rush. What if I end up in some random place and get stuck? OMG this isn’t my train.
  25. Ok this is my train, someone’s just said something about London.
  26. No-one’s next to me. Please don’t let anyone sit next to me.
  27. Still, this might not be my train, and am I really sure this is my seat?
  28. Wifi please connect. Wifi please be decent.
  29. Oh great, I have a train friend.
  30. They smiled. Do I talk? Do I smile? What do I do?!
  31. Ohh if I smile we might be BFF’s and this could be a cool story of how we met on a train.
  32. Train friend please talk!
  33. Actually, don’t. That’s just weird.
  34. OK they have a book, I’ll just do my own thing then.
  35. Mr Train Man has said this is the right train, we’re all good. 
  36. OOO that’s a new language, wonder where your from? Why come to Manchester? Wonder what there story is? 
  37. Oh Oh we’re moving. 
  38. And now my headphones won’t go loud enough. Yey. This is going to be fun. 
  39. OK that’s lets just look out the window.
  40. Oh, they said get you’re tickets out. Better get it out otherwise, well, otherwise.
  41. Wow England is green. Like bright green. Highlighter green. So many shades of green. 50 shades of green.
  42. Is it too early to eat my snack? 
  43. I wonder if I look all dramatic looking out of the window?
  44. Hmm if this was a film, what music would be playing? Snow Patrol? Ed Sheeran? What’s the story line?
  45. Where is this ticket guy? I’m sat here holding this ticket and by the time he come’s I’ll have dropped or lost it.
  46. Wonder where we are?
  47. Why isn’t the wifi working? They promised wifi. They lied.
  48. Oo sheep.
  49. And cows.
  50. This is going to be a loooonggg 2 hours.

And then I lost track and attempted to listen to an Emma Gannon podcast. 

Hope you enjoyed this very random, but very insightful post. Let me know the most randomist thing thats happened to you or that you’ve though on a train so I don’t feel like such a unique human being.