5 of the Best Beauty Care Tools

best beauty care tools

must-have makeup tools

Remember when we all used to just use our fingers to apply beauty products? My how times have changed. Now we have beauty tools for everything, some amazing, some ok, and some just not worth it. Today I’m going to be sharing 5 beauty care tools I just can’t live without, ranging from high-end to bargain bucket. 

Swoon Lip Gloss Pick-up Artist for Sephora

You know when you have found a go-to lip gloss and all that’s left is a bit at the bottom that the wand just wont reach, but it’s two weeks until payday and you’ve spent all your money on Boots 3 for 2 offers (happens to us all)? What do you do? Why do they make lip gloss wands that short too? It’s just mean. Anyway, never fear, this little tool lets you get that last bit of makeup out of the tube. As the name suggest, this is from Sephora so not readily available in the UK, but for $12, this little-known device is a complete gem. 

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers

Don’t ask me to pronounce the surname, but these eyelash curlers are the real deal. I think everyone and their dog has raved about these, and there is a good reason, they’re the best. They’re not cheap at £20, but you do get a spare pad and can buy the refills, so could save you money if you look after them and don’t crush them in your suitcase (oops). Even though my lashes have a natural curl, no other lash curler can give me the effect these do, and so gently! 

Nars Yachiyo Kabuki Brush

Ah another product I can’t pronounce. Before I bought it, I researched this brush more than I researched my first car. I read reviews, I watched tutorials, if it featured this brush, I was there. Why? Because it’s the most expensive brush I have ever bought. At £43.00, it kind of hurt me to buy it, and even now, saying how much I paid makes me grimace just a little, but is it worth it? Oh yes. For blending any powder product, it’s the brush of dreams. If you want to achieve highlighter goals, this will give you the perfect application. Worth the investment, pop it on a wish list or wait until an amazing Gift With Purchase comes along

Nail Shields

After a couple of big spends you’re all probably ready for something cheap and cheerful. At £1.99, I couldn’t really complain if this didn’t stop my nail polish from smudging, but amazingly, it did. The name says it all, these simply clip onto your nails and act as a guard against the outside world so you can get on with real life whilst waiting for your varnish to dry. The best £1.99 beauty product ever. 

Becca The One Perfecting Brush

I actually didn’t realise how much this cost until I looked it up for post purposes. I clearly have some sort of makeup brush problem. Anyway, at £40, this thing is not cheap. But, let me tell you why it’s worth it. The edge has been designed to fit the contour of your face, giving you perfect definition. It’s also super versatile meaning you could use it for practically anything. In fact, Becca says this can replace the following 10 brushes: foundation, powder, contour, bronzer, stipple, blush, fan, concealer, kabuki and sponge. 10 brushes for £40, doesn’t sound too bad now does it?!

So those are 5 of my must-have beauty tools but now I want to know what are you go-to’s?