Why I Can’t Love Body Moisturiser.

Why I can't love Body Moisturiser

Body moisturiser. The one beauty habit I just can’t master. No matter how good its smells, or how pretty the packaging is, I just can’t commit to using it daily. I’ll put it out on my bathroom counter with all my other products, but somehow, it always ends up back on it’s shelf untouched. But there’s are reasons:

Moisturising takes careful planning

I think I may have more pots of body moisturiser lying round my house than lipsticks, but the difference is, I actually use my lipsticks. So why don’t I use a body moisturiser seeing as I use every other possible product? Because it’s just hard work. So, you first have to find time to apply you’re moisturiser. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Jess, you moisturise your face, it’s the same thing”. Well let me tell you it isn’t. You’re face isn’t covered by clothing. You’re body is. You then have to wait for like, 20 minutes, until the lotion has sunk in enough so that you can get dressed. Not only that, your face is a nice small area and takes less than a minute. Your body on the other hand is a whole other story. For a single step in a beauty regime, moisturising takes a long time. You can’t just haphazardly slap it on otherwise it won’t sink in.  It takes dedication and time management; all this effort for something that you only really get the benefits of for a couple of months a year. No wonder it feels like a chore.

But moisturising does have it’s benefits

I will totally accept moisturising has positive points, otherwise it just wouldn’t exist at all. Apart from delaying wrinkles, it can also make any existing wrinkles look better and prevent them from getting worse. If that wasn’t enough, it helps your skin. From stopping it being flakey and tight, to helping soothe imperfections, it can be a total miracle worker, especially in summer. It just gives you an extra layer protection against the elements, and you know, that could never be a bad thing. But, then when  you don’t really see these benefits for 9 months of the year, it just feels like homework; something you know you should do, but just don’t want to.

If I ever moisturise regularly, all-year round, I will have my life together. Sadly, I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. Do you moisturise daily? If you do I salute you and want your tips!