Spring Update

spring blog update

As if it’s been three months since my Winter update?! Time is absolutely flying. So much has happened and so much is happening, but everything seems so much more positive than this time last year. Last Spring I’d reached the lowest place I’ve ever been in my life and now I’m back to my old self; smiling, bubbly and positive. I love it. I want to say Spring is my favourite season, but you know what, I kind of love all of them. So here’s a bit of an update about what’s been going on, and what’s coming soon! 


When it comes to blogging I’ve been doing it a while. I’ve seen successful bloggers come and go, and had some amazing opportunities come around because of it. I’m really happy I started consistently blogging again and I have so many ideas for content it’s crazy; just a case of finding time to write them all up. The Crown Wings has always been about fashion, beauty and lifestyle but as the years go on, I get new interests. I think one of my most obvious loves is travel and whilst I’m sharing it with you once every two weeks, it’s not satisfying my wanderlust. So whilst I’m not making any major changes to the fashion, beauty, lifestyle formula, from the end of April I’m going to try out posting a new travel post every week. This is going to be a mixture of diaries from my adventures, guides about specific locations and just general travel thoughts. I’ll still be posting a weekly beauty post, and throw in a mixture of lifestyle and fashion posts through the week so the overall mix of things will be the same, just giving more air-time to wandering. 

As a side-note, I can’t wait to go down to London and attend Blog Con this weekend. It sounds like its going to be one big blogger celebration and I’m super excited to meet people I’ve never had a chance to before. If you’re down at the event make sure you give me a shout so we can meet up!


Like I said, travel is a major passion of mine, one that seems to be getter worse as the days fly by. It’s got to the stage that I’m looking at different places on a daily basis. Thankfully I only have to wait another 3 weeks before I’m on the road again. I’ve actually got a post going live next week talking about all my current 2017 travel plans, but during the Easter break I’m back across the Atlantic Ocean and heading to USA and Canada for 2 weeks. I am so so excited for this trip, with plans to visit 4 new American States and 2 Canadian Provinces. Because I’m travelling so much, I don’t want to say I will definitely be posting regularly on Instagram, because, as anyone who’s lived out of a suitcase knows, Wi-Fi is a luxury, but when I do manage to spare a couple of minutes I’ll be using the hashtag #WingsWanders to document my adventures. Hopefully you’ll all join me?!


I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m now half way through my MSc Marketing degree. I feel like I’ve gotten so much out of this half of my degree, with a placement already under my belt, qualifying for the Gold Level of an extra-cirriicular award, and being a student union course representative. I have just one taught module left, and I’ve got to admit I’m kind of gutted. Saying that, this is the module I’ve most been looking forward to, Search & Social Media. Everyone keep their fingers crossed that I survive the next two assessments so I can progress to the final stage of my degree! 

So that’s just a little snapshot of what’s to come. Are you up to anything exciting over the next 3 months? Let me know in the comments below!