My 2017 Travel Plans (so far)

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I live to travel. One of my biggest regrets was that I didn’t take a gap year prior/after my undergraduate degree because now I’m trying to fit globetrotting around real life. Saying that, travelling now means I actually have money to do it in a bit more style. It’s all swings and roundabouts really. Anyway, over the last two years I’ve really developed a taste for the jet set life and this year I’ve already got concrete plans to visit 6 countries, with room for (hopefully) more. Seeing as the last of my current travel diaries has been posted, I thought it was only fair to tell you whats coming up next! 

Trip #1

I booked this trip over a year ago and now it’s only 2 weeks away. When did that happen?! So for my first trip of the year I’m back across the ponds, doing my 3rd trip with Trek America (I’ve  blogged the Western BLT and the Atlantic BLT). This time I’m doing the Northeastern BLT and spending some extra time in NYC on my own. The entire itinerary looks a little like this:

Newark > Niagara Falls > Toronto > Montreal > Stowe > Boston > Manhattan 

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been excited for all my trips because I know I’m so lucky to be in a position to travel, but there is something about this trip that is making me more excited than ever before. Maybe it’s because I’m going to Canada for the first time (omgomgomg) or maybe it’s that I get to explore Manhattan on my own after the tour has finished but I can just tell this one is gonna be a good one. I only have up to 1 1/2 days in each place, apart from Manhattan which I have 3 1/2, so if you have any suggestions on things I need to do or see that would be great! 

Trip #2

My second trip of 2017 is full of firsts. Once my placement has finished for my MSc course I’m heading off on a Mediterranean cruise! I think the thing that appeals to me most is being able to see a lot of places in one go and my first cruise has managed to pack lots of places I’ve been dying to see. Again the rough itinerary looks like this:

Barcelona > Naples > Rome > Florence & Pisa > Cannes > Palma > Barcelona

Now I’m not really going to see much of Barcelona because we have no time to arrive earlier/ stay later, which I’m a bit gutted about but I have been before so it’s not the end of the world (and a great excuse to go back). Apart from Palma, all these places are completely new to me again and nothing really has been planned in terms of must sees. Because these places are new, I need your recommendations of things to see/do. I only have a day in each port so I’m really keen to see as much as possible! Oh, and if you have any cruise tips that would be fab too!

As always, I’m scheduling lots of fun posts for whilst I’m away so make sure you keep coming back to read the latest post, and don’t forget to check my social media to see where I am and what I’m getting up to!

Now for your suggestions. Please!