A Travel Toiletry Secret || Lush Wash Sheets Tried & Tested

lush wash sheet reviewed

You know when something is so simple you wonder why no-one has done it before? That’s what I thought when I first came across Lush Cosmetic’s Wash Sheets. So simple, yet so effective, I just had to add two of the many versions Lush offer and give them a try. Not one to keep a good thing to myself, here’s how I got on.

What are they? 

Essentially they’re kind of like those soap filled sponges you sometimes see at craft fairs, in a flatter, hand luggage-only friendly format. Think a kind of waxy piece of A5 card and you wouldn’t be far off. The actual dissolving card is made from fresh Honeydew Melon Pulp and can even be used as an alternative to greetings cards, with fun messages printed on them. Available in a few varieties they replace your normal shower gel in a new innovative way. 

How do they work?

Surprisingly soft and brittle, you simply rip off as much as you need, run it under water and rub your hands over it to lather up. Then, just wash as normal. With no external packaging there’s no waste at all. 

Does it work?

YES! I was pretty surprised how easy the card is to rip. My advice is to rip small at first because a little does a lot. After running it under water I was surprised by how good the lather really was. I did find a tiny section didn’t lather as well as the rest leaving a kind of papery residue in my bath, but that just washed away no problem at all. The two I picked up were Wash You Were Here and Best Washes (both £4.95 per sheet), and in true Lush fashion they smelt divine, exactly like the more traditional shower gels so nothing has been lost by changing format. In case you’re wondering, Wash You Were Here is a lovely blend bergamot, lemon and mandarin oils, whilst Best Washes had more of a musky universal fragrance. Ideal if space is at a premium, you need to pack lightly, or just fancy showering in a new way, these wash sheets make a great alternative to shower gel.

Have you tried these before? How did you get on?