5 reasons why it’s ok to like Valentine’s Day

ok to like valentines day

Valentine’s Day plans? There’s just something about today that splits people right down the middle. You can’t be on the fence, you have to choose; love or loathe. Of course it also puts a firm divide between those of us who all loved up, and those who are single pringles. Usually it’s the singleton’s that are shouting anti-Valentine’s Day messages from the rooftops, although I do know a few people in very happy relationships that are skipping today. Some people may call it bitterness, I say it’s each to their own, but one thing I don’t agree with is shaming people for liking Valentine’s Day. So here’s why you shouldn’t hide your happiness today, straight from a single persons mouth. 

Love makes the world go round. One argument I read for ditching Valentine’s day is that it’s pointless. Look, I think there are enough songs, films, books (and anything else) about love being all you need for us all to agree that its true; love can fulfil you. So why can’t there be a day to celebrate it? There’s days to celebrate countries, days to celebrate friendship, there’s even a day to celebrate pizza (which is love 2bh), so why can’t we have one day to celebrate something that everyone agrees is important?! With all the hate going in on the world, it’s actually quite a novelty to have a day of love dontcha think?

It’s not for single people. Wrong. Wrong. WRONG!!!! Despite what a lot of people think, Valentine’s Day doesn’t isolate single people. The day is about love, and, speaking as a single person, single people feel love too. OK so not in the romantic relationship sense, but I love my family and friends. I love my dog. Why can’t I celebrate that? Galentine’s Day was yesterday (I made a little guide here) but there is nothing stopping you from carrying the celebrations over to today. You can even celebrate loving yourself. You know, here’s to the people who are content with the way they are and don’t give a fig what anyone else thinks. Love comes in so many forms; it’s only purely about romantic relationships if you make it like that. 

It’s not anti-feminist. If anyone tells you that liking Valentine’s day means you don’t support women’s rights, feel free to ask them the date. The full date. As in the year. Seriously people, we are in 2017! If a women chooses to like something and celebrate a special day, the fact that she has actively made that decision based on her own values and opinions is a win for women’s rights. Nobody has forced you to celebrate it, you’ve chosen to. If you don’t like the holiday, opt out. If you do like it, opt in. See, you are now exercising you’re rights. 

Everything is commercialised.  Well yeah. No argument here. Everything is commercialised. Because of a demand to celebrate holidays, gift and card companies provide items. It’s business.  Christmas is commercialised, otherwise we wouldn’t have pre-made Christmas cards and amazing Christmas gift-sets. Don’t like it? Make your own. If stripped down to the basics, you don’t actually have to buy a single thing for Valentine’s Day. I mean, people do, but it’s their choice (see, choice popping up again). There is no rule that says in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your nearest and dearest you must buy roses, chocolates and a novelty teddy. You can celebrate without those things, you can show you’re appreciation some other way. Not liking commercialisation doesn’t stop you from not liking Valentines Day. 

It’s your life! Ah, the ultimate reason to like Valentine’s Day. Because you want to. Some people happen to be romantic so why make them feel bad about being how they are? If a couple went out for a meal any other day of the year no one would bat an eyelid. Because it’s on a day where it’s a holiday celebrating love they are looked down on? Well that makes total sense. If Valentine’s Day appeals to you, celebrate it, and be happy with your choice. 

Where do you stand on Valentine’s Day? I’d love to here what you got up to!