Boxing Day Sales Haul 2016

sales haulsales haul

sales haul

sales haul

sales haul

I’m trying to save some money this year for a couple of different things (car, house deposit, travel) so didn’t really want to go all out in the sales. I tend to sales shop from the comfort of my own home, all cosied up with the heating on, wrapped in a blanket, munching on buffet food as I click. 

This year I spent a ridiculous amount of time waiting for the Lush Sale. Now I know the poor Lush staff have to put up with a lot during the sale, which really isn’t fair as they’re just doing their job and it is only bath products, but seriously?! You would have thought that by now, Lush would have realised that not realising a start time and updating prices one by one, whilst people were shopping wouldn’t end in praise. Anyway, after sticking it out I managed to stock up on some bath bombs filling my bath bomb jar up to the top. 

Whilst waiting for Lush I had a mooch on the ASOS site but nothing really caught my eye. I did make a sneaky order for this two-toned across-body bag though. I am such a fan of across-body bags for nights out and this one has so much space thanks to having two separate zip compartments. Continuing my searching, I also picked up the 2 part Beauty bag from Cath Kidston. I’d had my eye on a 2 part beauty bag for ages because they are so amazing for travelling. Heading to the States with me, I’m going to put my toiletries in one half, and my makeup in another so everything is nice and organisd.

Apart from what’s pictured, I ordered some New Balance trainers but when I tried them on, they weren’t as cushioned as I’d hoped so have be returned. I’m looking for a super comfy pair for New York, knowing I’ll be walking miles trying to see as much as possible. If anyone has any suggestions I’d be very grateful!

Did you get anything in the sales?