Anna Saccone Horoscope Necklace Unboxing

Jewellery and bags are two things I will invest in. They are my complete weakness and I can’t help picking up a couple of new pieces each year. I watch the Saccone Joly vlogs all the time, and fell in love with Anna’s necklace. It was so classic and timeless, but personal at the same time; something my collection needed. Of course when I found out that Anna actually had her own range on, it was quickly added to my ‘to buy’ list. And I bought it. 

The story behind Anna’s collection is that she actually inherited her Scorpio necklace from her dad. Partly because everyone was asking Anna where she picked her necklace up, and partly in the hope that others will use the necklace with the same significance, her jewellery collection was born.

The necklace arrives in a classic black gift box, with a postcard featuring a photograph of Anna and her father, and the story of the collection. The necklace itself is in it’s own individual box which can then be used for storage. Being born on 4th July, I’m Cancer. I have this weird thing with my horoscope/star sign. My horoscope is always, without fail, accurate.  I know some people don’t believe in it, but with mine ringing true so many times, I can’t help but believe, so my star sign is definitely a part of me. I opted for the classic silver necklace opposed to a bracelet (gold and rose gold options available) with the medium chain length. I love that you can personalise it by colour and chain length, truly making this piece you own. It does take a couple of weeks to arrive, but it’s so worth the wait. Whilst not the cheapest of items, I think it is such good value, and would make a perfect gift for someone, especially if it was a memorable occasion like a graduation, birth or ‘big’ birthday. 

I’m completely smitten with my new necklace. How accurate is your horoscope?