8 Beauty Habits to Get Into. NOW!

8 beauty Basics

By now you’re likely to have made an attempt to eat a few more vegetables, pledged to do Dry January, or even tried to squeeze past the hoards flocking to the local gym. You may have even booked a getaway somewhere, in which case please share, or started a new and exciting hobby. With all this newness (totally a word) going on, it’s easy to forget the basics, things we know we should do, but just happen to skip past them in-between Netflix binging and blog reading. This year I’ve decided to strip my beauty regime back to the fundamentals and create habits I really ought to have picked up by now. So what are these habits? Well here they are:

  1. Clear Out. I do this. Or, to be more honest, I pretend to do this. I empty all my stash on to my bed, have a panic about where I’m going to sleep that night, and swiftly put things back, slightly tidier, with only one or two half used samples being culled. Sound familiar? No wonder we all dream of office come beauty rooms. But the scary thing is that my hoarding is probably one cause for the skin flair-ups I rant about on twitter. So from now on, every 3 months I’m doing a proper clear out. Unworn and still sealed but loved will be moved to the front, half used and collecting dust will be placed in the bin. Painful, but it’s just got to be done. 
  2. Body Moisturiser. I don’t know why I struggle with this, but I do. I will happily slap on serums and creams on my face, but unless it’s a week before a holiday, a big event, or I’m procrastinating, I avoid moisturising anywhere else. I kind of take it for granted that my bath bombs and shower gels have moisturising ingredients in them and hope that’s enough. It’s not, and I need to stop being lazy. No one wants to hit 50 and look like a prune, so this is one habit that needs to be adopted. 
  3. Strip Bare.  Let’s do a quiz. You’re exhausted from work, have managed to cook something to eat, crawl into your PJ’s and just want to relax but remember you have a face full of make-up? Do you a) skip to the bathroom to use whatever wonder product you can find, b) quickly drag some skin-ruining face wipe across your face hoping you won’t look like a panda in the morning, c) stare longingly into Ryan Gosling’s eyes. Yep. Me too. Sometimes I’m really good, and remove my make-up before bed, and on those days I feel like I have my life together. Other days I’m such a human sloth I’m surprised I even make it to my bed. I fully accept sloth-girl is going to make an appearance now and again, but it would be nice to feel like I’m an adult a bit more too. 
  4. Water I’m weird. I tried to explain it to the company I’m interning at at the moment and they just didn’t understand. For some reason, I just don’t drink. Like, most people don’t drink enough, but I don’t drink at all. Obviously, that’s not good. Unless you’re a camel, in which case, carry on. I’ve just bought a new fancy dancy water bottle with the times up the side (here) and I’m challenging myself to drink more. I’m not going to lie, it’s going to take some worth, but think of the clear skin and you’ll soon be slurping. 
  5. Protect. Living in the UK, and specifically a city that is known for rain and not sun, I tend to overlook SPF, even in summer. So a lot of make-up now has SPF in making it a lazy girl’s dream, but, being of the fair and freckly gang, I think I need to paying more attention to this. It’s not just SPF though! Heat protection spays clutter my room unused because it’s another step I just forget to do. Unless you want it to fry and frizz, have a spritz. 
  6. Routine So so basic, but I need to get into a consistent routine. I think that’s the key word, routine. I’ll do a perfect regime for maybe 2 to 3 weeks, and then it will slowly fall away to what I’m in the mood for. Now, everyone knowns skincare takes time to have an effect so now and again attempts are helping nobody.
  7. No Wash. I was my hair too much. There. I said it. I know why I do it, it’s from the teenage fears of having greasy hair and I’ve just never gotten out of it. On weekdays I will wash my hair daily, maybe skipping a day at a weekend if I’m justing round the house. Although I do use a daily shampoo which is less harsh than other shampoos, it will still strip my hair of natural oils and dry it out. A hard habit to get into but I’ll give it ago.
  8. Nail It. Nail care. Does anyone do both a base and a top coat? I’d like to pretend I do, but realistically, its one or the other, and usually just a topcoat if it’s not a gel effect. I always moan that my nails aren’t as healthy as I like, and this is the reason. Just one extra step can’t be so hard right?

So those are my new 8 Beauty Habits? Have I missed any off?