Winter Update || My degree, events & being happier

winter update

What a difference 3 months can make?! In my last update I explained that I had come to the realisation that if I wasn’t happy with my life, I was the only one in a position to change it. So I made an action plan and I’ve made a start. Am I happy yet? Whilst I’d say my life is a ‘work-in-progress’ of what I want it to be, I’m definitely a lot happier. 

So why am I happy? Well I attended two fabulous blogger events and got to mingle with some lovely bloggers and brands. University wise, I’ve had a really good start on my Postgraduate degree, was elected Student Representative at the Student Union my everyone on my course and even have an opportunity of work lined up. Although I’ve been a little poorly, plans for next year are slowly rolling in and oh my, it does look like an exciting year! 

4 things I’m looking forward to this season:

  • Upping my blogger game. I’m back to blogging now and I’m getting into my swing but I can’t help thinking I’m not reaching my full potential. I know every blogger goes through those kind of moments, but in my case there are things I could do to make everything a lot better. Now that the nights are dark and cold, I have the perfect excuse the sit at my desk and create my dream blog. 
  • Meeting more lovely bloggers. I met so many amazing bloggers at the #BloggerHalloweenParty and Blogosphere Christmas Market, so I’m already excited for the Blogosphere Magazine Tea Party in February. Hopefully I’ll see you there!
  • Taking the first steps in a new career. I’m super lucky to have landed an opportunity working for a new social media platform where I can really get some experience in my new career direction. All through January I’ll be working away so fingers crossed it goes well!
  • Battling fitness Suffering from the after effects from the virus I picked up in the States, I seem to have caught every single little bug going. Of course this means I’ve not been doing much exercise or fitness. Now I’m on the mend this is going to be one of my main priorities. Prepare for moaning tweets. 

Is there anything you’ve been looking forward to between now and March?