5 Things to Do Between Now and New Year’s

new years christmas festive period

So the presents have been unwrapped, you find yourself unconsciously clicking through page after page of sales, and your body is slowly starting to reject turkey? Yep it’s the most confusing time of the year; that odd little week between Christmas Day and NYE. The blackhole of the festive period, you will most likely have no idea what day it is, can only tell the time by what’s on the telly, and your only purpose is to consumer ALL the chocolate before that gym membership kicks in. Do you go back to your normal for  a couple of days or make merry and keep the party going for another week? Whatever you decide to do, there’s 5 things that you should try and make time 

  1. Physically write your New Year’s Resolutions down. Whether you publicly admit it or not, you’re likely to want to achieve something next year. Most people make resolutions and, to be honest, I have about 10 of them all set up for next year. I read somewhere that you’re much more likely to act on a resolution if you write it down. I suppose it’s down to making it more real than just some random thought. Whether you make a quick list at the back of your shiny new diary or tweet it for all of the world to see, spend 5 minutes and think about what you want to achieve next year. 
  2. Plan for the future. After all the sparkle of Christmas, January can be a bit of a downer. Once January gets underway everyone seems to become super busy again, dealing with everyday drama. Take time out now to set a date for a night in with friends or a trip somewhere to give you something to look forward to once everything goes back to normal. 
  3. Declutter your life. Clear out your closet. Clear your workspace. Clear your inboxes of read/junk e-mails. Clear your memory cards of unwanted photos. Just get rid. I’m a firm believer in the whole clear space clear mind philosophy so what better way to start a new year than having everything organised just how you want it. You’ll be too busy with life come January, so why not make time now to start the new year fresh.
  4. Relax & Reflect. Take a day off. I mean, completely off, with no pressure, no stress, just a 100% selfish day focusing on what you want to do. Reflect on 2016, and start 2017 with the best mindset possible. 
  5. Celebrate. Whether it be a continuation of Christmas festivities or an inward smile for something you achieved this year, celebrate. Don’t let any success go unrecognised, even if that success is just making it through a family Christmas. Be kind to yourself and have a happy new year. 

How are you sending this week?