An Ode to Brogues

why I love brogues

If you meet me in real life, chances are I’ll be wearing brogues. Yep those kinda ‘proper’ looking, vintage-vibing shoes are my go to for pretty much any occasion. After being left with a rather unstable right ankle following a pretty nasty hockey injury in my first year of University, I came to the conclusion long ago that my options were flats, wedges and block heels. I will risk it (for a chocolate biscuit) for a beautiful pair of heels, but won’t dare trying to walk more than a few meters and will bring an emergency pair of flats, just in case. With all this in mind, I’ve developed a long-lasting love affair with brogues. This isn’t some cheap fling, ready to abandon them as soon as they next trend comes strutting down the catwalk. This style is for keeps, and here’s why.

For starters, you can wear them anywhere. Pair them with jeans and a slouchy sweatshirt and not too dressy for a morning lecture. Pair them with a cute tea dress and you rock the vintage look for a family meal. Pair them with a cute skirt or going out-out dress and they make you look under-stated cool. Somehow they just work. A capsule wardrobes best-friend they will literally go with anything you throw with them, and that my friends is the sign of a true classic. Just like Disney films, it doesn’t matter who or how old you are, brogues will save the day. A wardrobe staple, just when you think nothing you own will go with a skirt, they will prove you wrong. No matter the time of year, or in fact what year it is, the brogue will work. Fact. Lastly, I’m using the best argument I have. Their comfy! Yep, call them ‘sensible shoes’, but when you lot resemble newborn giraffes walking over those cobbles en route to the taxi while I’m gliding (slight exaggeration) along, I know who is winning at life. Oh, actually you know why I’ll be gliding, because I won’t need Emergency Services to put out the fire burning in the balls of my feet. Instead I can dance all night and still be able to skip home without braving bare feet. There was a time back in University when I was devastated my love affair with shoes had ended before it had really got going, but now I realise I’m not having an affair, I’m just in a fully committed, steady relationship. Brogues, I’d swipe right. 

Have you got a go-to style that you can always rely on?