(Nail) Art Attack

OPI Nail Colors

Despite doing Nail Art November ages ago, I suck at nail art. To be honest, I’m not that great at painting my nails full stop. I just get so frustrated when it doesn’t look perfect and instagram worthy, giving up after smudging it for the umpteenth time. But, on a recent to TK Maxx, I spotted this little box, and it caught my attention instantly.

OPI Color Paints is a collection of 6 mini polishes, all of the usual high quality glossy chip resistant formula you would expect from OPI, with a hidden twist. Oh yes, these are blendable polishes. They are semi-transparent and allow you to layer the other shades over them to create new colours or effects. What attracted me the most to this collection was that it allows you to create nail art that has no wrong or right way, the more organic the work the better! I was sold.

OPI Nail Colors Swatches

OPI Nail Colors Swatches

The top swatches show 1 coat of the base colour, Silver Canvas Undercoat (which isn’t bendable), with a swish of each blendable shade over. The second swatches show quick examples of nail art you can do by layering the shades over each other once the one below had dried. Although I’m someone who loves symmetrical or well planned designs, I really enjoyed being about the do whatever I wanted. It made doing nails actually enjoyable, rather than being stressed over making a mistake. After covering with a top coat, my work of art lasted around a week chip free! This has definitely encouraged me to relax when it comes to nail art and start having fun with it. Here’s to the instagram worthy nails!

If you fancy grabbing this collection I’d recommend checking your local TK Maxx for any bargains. If you’re not in look, try Nail Polish Direct here.

What do you think of this more abstract nail art? Any nail art tips?