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Zoella bath Latte Bubble t t-bags

If it’s in cute packaging, I’ll buy it. I’m basically a marketers dream. And I’m doing a Masters degree in Marketing. I think the beauty products that tend to have some of the nicest packaging are bath products. Brands tend to go to town on the concept and theme and that’s probably the reason I will never be rich. Well, one of them. 

Two products I’ve been enjoying in recent baths are the Zoella Bath Latte and Bubble T Bath Infusion T-bags. I think you will all agree, the packaging is just divine on both. Part of the Sweet Inspirations collection, the Bath Latte Bath is an incredibly creamy bath and shower milk that leaves your skin super soft. A mixture of Sweet Almond, Cacao and Honey, the milk has a beautiful sweet scent which filled my bathroom and made using it a pure joy. Although it can also be used in the shower, I poured about half the bottle (big bath problems) into my bath whilst the water was running, creating a froth of bubbles. If sugar-coated scents aren’t your thing, give Bubble T T-Bags a try. Amazingly cute packaging aside, these infusion T-bags are filled with bath salts which slowly dissolve when placed under warm running water.  Once the salts have dissolved, the bag will float to the top and then you’re good to go. Available in fragrances ranging from Moroccan mint to Hibiscus & Acai Berry, each subtle scent has different therapeutic benefits letting you tailor your pamper session to your specific needs. Now you have everything you need for a deliciously smelling dip.

What products have you bought because of the packaging?