Welcome to the Digital Age

casio digital womens watchcasio digital womens watch

My first watch was a pink Baby G. Remember them? I think everyone who was a child in the 1990’s had one and they were the coolest thing ever. But, they kind of ruined digital watches for me. Whenever someone mentions digital watches I just think err I’ll just have an elegant Olivia Burton thanks. But then Sports Luxe came in, and everything changed. 

For some unknown reason, I needed a digital watch. I looked high and low for something that wasn’t too sporty, trying to find something that gave a nod to Sports Luxe without straying too far from my comfort zone. As always, ASOS came to the rescue and I spotted this beauty. The Casio LA680WEA Mini Digital Black Face Watch sits daintily on my wrist, not at all reminiscent of my childhood favourite. The metal bracelet strap keeps it looking elegant whilst the square digital face is enough to subtlely hint at sporty style. And just like that I’m back in love with digital watches.

Did you have a Baby G? What do you think of digital watches? Let me know in the comments below.