Soaking with a Sea Sponge

natural bath sponge

Your Mother is always right. Well, nearly always. There was a time when my Mum was convinced a rat was waiting for her, ready to pounce the moment she got out of the car (long story).  Anyway, the point is, my mum got it right when she said I should make that random Greek market purchase. Walking through a blistering hot market hall, stalls crammed into every possible space, I paused at a plain looking corner, piled high with baskets of yellow balls. Those balls were in fact sea sponges, and I’m extremely thankful that my Mum  encouraged me to get one.

Sea sponges are living organisms that grow on the sea floor which are then harvested.  They’re seen as eco-friendly  and environmentally sustainable as the sea sponges will then grow back after being gathered, and no chemicals or by products are involved if done correctly. So why sea sponges? Well, apart from supporting the local economy, they have a lot of beauty benefits. Not only are they hypoallergenic and last longer than synthetic sponges, sea sponges help make your products work harder. Although super soft, the organic natural of the sponge means that its surface is uneven and slightly abrasive, perfect for gently exfoliating even the most sensitive of skin.  Natural exorbitant, sea sponges create a luxurious lather with less product, meaning you get more use out of that cleanser, body wash  or even foundation! Yep, you can use these handy little sponges for practically anything. Needless to say I’m really enjoying using my sea sponge and glad I got pushed into getting one. Thanks Mum!

I got mine from a Greek market for under 2 Euros, but I have seen them on sale in Liberty here.

Have you used a Sea Sponge before? What’s the best thing you’ve been pushed into buying?