Holding on to Summer with CK One

CK One Summer 2016 review

I’ve been back home for two and a half days, and I already want to go back. My reluctance to be in England isn’t so much about the place, more so about the weather. Travelling through the Deep South to Miami, I got used to the searing temperatures and swaying palm trees. Apart from the odd week in June where we all enjoy a good moan as it reaches the 24 degrees Celsius mark, we don’t really get to experience that whole long hot Summer vibe we lust at over Instagram. But as they say, fake it till you make it. 

So how do you pretend you are floating on an inflatable unicorn listening to the sea softly swoosh? You close your eyes and spritz CK One Summer 2016. 

Suitable for both males and females, this limited edition fragrance is the epitome of a summer fragrance, and is quite frankly, the only thing stopping me from jumping on another plane tonight.  If the blue and green bottle isn’t enough to transport you to a tropical paradise, the scent certainly will. A cocktail of ingredients including lime, lemon, guava, cedar, coconut and mojito will keep you in holiday mode well into the Autumn. I was a bit confused how this concoction would be suited to both men and women, but somehow it works.  Pleasantly citrusy, it’s perfectly balanced between fresh and woody, appealing to anyone and everyone. The only problem is stopping them from stealing a spritz. 

If, like me, you fancy ignoring your calendar and pretending it’s Summer just a little bit longer, you can pick up Calvin Klein One Summer 2016 here from Fragrance Direct.

Whilst we’re on the topic, if anyone has any holiday blues or jet lag recovery tips pop them in a comment below and help a girl out.