The X Formula

Formula X Massive Nail Varnish Polish Paint

Formula X Massive Nail Varnish Polish Paint

Formula X Massive Nail Varnish Polish Paint Swatch

When I did a HUGE Sephora Haul last year in LA, Formula X was right at the top of my shopping list. Attracting a cult following, it’s only available from Sephora, and due to international shipping, it can’t be sent over here if you happen to place an order online. Hearing such amazing things about the nail color, I knew I had to try it for myself.

Among a rainbow of shades, this one in particular caught my eye. Massive is said to be a charcoal slate shade, but personally I think there a is a very slight hint of blue or green in the mix, depending on the light. Whatever, your description, it’s no denying that this is a beautifully unique, and very season appropriate colour. 

The formula is extremely pigmented and smooth. In the above swatches, the one on the left has one coat, and the one on the right has two. Clearly this is a one coat wonder. I’m possibly the worst person at painting my nails. It’s impossible for me not to smudge them, but even I managed to get a decent finish. Oh, and the shine? Theres no topcoat on the above swatches, and I have to be honest, it did make me think twice about applying any.

All high praise right? I wore this shade last week to see how it shaped up in a normal working environment. I’m not sure what my expectations were about the varnish’s longevity, but I know I was slightly disappointed when (small) chips starting appearing on Wednesday. After removing it, I also felt like my nails were a little dry(?) and seemed weaker than before. I hate chipped nail polish, but even after this, I think the formula and colour range may still have won me over. So much so, I’ll be looking at trying to pick a couple more up in August when I ‘m back State side. 

If you happen to be in the States, Massive is currently $10.50.

Have you tried Formula X? What’s your verdict?