The Last 5 Years …

One Line A Day Five Year Diary

One Line A Day Five Year Diary


Time hop is one of my favourite things. I’m naturally a reflective person and I love being able to look back and see what I was doing last year or even a couple of years before. Today I want to share with you something I’ve been doing before I even started blogging. It takes minimal effort but creates a priceless personal record.

The One Line A Day Journal is a 5-Year Memory Book that, once completed, let’s you look back at any day of the year and know exactly what you were doing, thinking or feeling on that date in the last five years. Although the dates are at the top of each page, the years have been left blank, letting you start the Diary anytime you want. It’s worth noting that the Diary is conventional in that January is at the Beginning and December is at the end, but you could start at any point in time because of the years being blank. The book itself is a lovely Tiffany blue hardback an, speaking from experience, is tough enough to withstand 5 years of daily use.

So will you use it? If you get into a routine, yes. Like everything, it’s dependant on you actually doing it for you to have the full benefit, but I’ve managed to do this for the last 5 years, so there’s hope for everyone. The best way I’ve found to use this is to keep it visible on your bedside table and do it every single night before bed. Because I’m a real person with a real life, I will happily admit that there are nights that I haven’t done it. But never fear, it’s pretty easy to catch up with a couple of days. Word of caution though, I didn’t take this on holiday with me once, and really struggled to catch up with two weeks. If your going away, make notes each night and transfer it into the diary when you get back, unless you have a better memory than me.

How do you like to look back on memories?



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