The Caviar Facial

Mon Platin, DSM, Dead Sea Minerals, Black Caviar Ultra Intensive Facial Mask

Sometimes we need a little luxury in our lives, and if there was one month that everyone needs a little pampering, it would be January. I always think January’s a horrible month. Everyone’s trying to save money and cut back on food and drink, the nights are still dark and there’s no festive cheer. A little pamper is the only way I get by!

Step in the DSM Black Caviar Ultra Intensive Face Mask (*). I don’t know about you but as soon as you say Caviar, I think luxury. But, putting fish eggs on your face? Well don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. 

The mask is quick a thick texture with black beads. The idea is that the beads melt as the mask is applied to your face, releasing the products super ingredients. I will be the first to admit I’m no Caroline Hirons when it comes to skincare but with a list including black caviar, green tea, nettle, orchid, aloe very, chamomile, Vitamins A, B5 C and E and (finally) peptides, it’s safe to say this mask has you covered. Promising to treat, nourish and enrich your skin, it really is a fix-it-all mask.

So does it work? After leaving this on my skin for 15 minutes and removing with a Muslin cloth I was amazed at the instant difference in my skin.  For those of you who like to see instant results, my skin looked like I’d had a weekend long spa trip. My pores were unclogged, blemishes had been calmed, my skin was hydrated and everything just generally looked better. I’d definitely recommend applying this with your fingers rather than a brush to help burst the beads and make the most of the ingredients. This is the first DSM product I’ve actually used, but after this one, I’d definitely be up for trying some more.

This mask isn’t readily available, but Amazon sell it for £17.85 with free UK shipping!