How to have an Epic Blog

EPIC BLOG: One-Year Editorial Planner by reginaEPIC BLOG: One-Year Editorial PlannerEPIC BLOG: One-Year Editorial PlannerEPIC BLOG: One-Year Editorial PlannerEPIC BLOG: One-Year Editorial Planner

This year I’m trying to step up my blogging game. I feel like for the last two years I’ve kind of neglected things and not given my blog the time and attention it deserves. Juggling a full time job which isn’t connected to blogging in the slightest can be challenging, but I’ve recently found this little book to help keep everything together.

You may of heard of By Regina, but if you haven’t she’s basically an online guru, brimming with tips on how to make your brand better, ace social media and have killer content. With the Epic Blog One Year Content Planner, Regina has created an all signing all dancing blog planner. 

The planner starts out with 24 pages of workbook making you focus on your overall vision. Rather than just focusing on goals, it makes you think about how you will reach them. There’s sections on monetization, ideal reader planning, your own blog progress and aesthetics making you really consider every aspect of your blog. This has been so useful for me, as I felt I was just ambling along. Now I have a direction and a strategy. 

The rest of the planner is made up of twelve sections. I will take this moment to highlight that all the sections are undated in both month and year so you can start at any time. Each section starts with a blank content calendar so you can see how your posts slot into the month. Theres then a page where you can list the post titles, order them and think about what photographs or images you need. For those of you really pushing yourself, you can also plan email list content, product ideas and collaborations or sponsored content. The last page in the section is about strategy and maintenance. There’s a space to make a list of blog maintenance tasks, blog expenses, blog income and sections to record and reflect on your monthly stats.

There’s quite a few planners on the market at the moment, but this one packs a punch, both content and price point. Available from Amazon for £11.80 with free UK Shipping, its one of the cheaper ones I’ve seen. What I like about this planner more than any other is that it makes you think more about your blog as a whole rather than just getting your content and social media plan organised. 

Do you have a blog? If you do, how do you keep it organised?