The Body Shop’s Bath Brew

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I hate Green tea. I can’t stand the taste, and no I will not learn to grow to like it if I keep trying. But , rather weirdly, I do love the smell. While you all might prefer to have a cuppa to chill out after a stressful day, I prefer to get my pamper on. I’ve already talked about the lovely facial goodies from Sephora, but thought it was only fair to let you know about another alternative. My cuppa is bigger than yours. Just saying. 

Rather than the drink, The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea aims to help you relax from the outside in. Sourced from Mount Fuji, Japan, it’s made with real green tea leaves to help de-stress both your mind and body. The antioxidants are also supposed to work their magic on your skin, making it both softer and smoother for a  healthier feeling. 

Fun concept, but what’s it like in practice? There’s actually two ways that you can use this product. You can either pour it into a warm bath and wait 5 minutes for the bath soak to infuse, or you can use the matching Bath Tea infuser, said to give a mess free experience.

First thing to point out about the product is that it’s heavily fragranced. If you don’t like the smell of Green Tea, avoid this like the plague. Seriously, it’s potent. Also, It’s a mixture of bath salts and green tea so if you prefer your bath products to completely dissolve, give this one a pass. If this is still your thing, well then you are in for a treat. The product works perfectly and you feel like you’ve had a spa treatment after using it. Your skin is soft for days and you feel completely relaxed. Wonderful right?

Now this is the bit that has divided me; both ways of using it has flaws. Pretty big ones too. If you opt for the straight pour method, your relaxing experience will only last as long as your bath does. As soon as you get out of the bath, you’re going to need to rinse down to get rid of those little green tea leaves.  Once you’ve cleaned up, you’re then going to have to spend a good 10 minutes sorting out your bath. Think of a Lush bath bomb with glitter. Times 10.  

So use the Bath Infuser I hear you cry? Well I would if it fitted round any bath without an exposed water drain. Not a problem I thought, I’d attached it to the tap or somewhere else, but nope, it just slips completely off. OK so I’ll attach it to the little wire rack on the wall. The chain isn’t long enough. I will point out that this isn’t The Body Shop’s fault, but I think they should make it a bit clearer that it won’t work for every bath. Now, unless I fancy holding the chain for the Infuser, I’ve let £5 go down the drain. Literally. 

It doesn’t help that the price point isn’t great. £12.00 a jar seems quite reasonable, until you realise that it takes quite a lot to have any effect. With a big bath like mine, you’d be lucky if you got 3 baths.  You could pay more for Lush, but then Lush wouldn’t be so frustrating to use.

So would I buy this again? No. Would I recommend this for someone else? Maybe. If you are more into green tea than me, and have a open bath drain, then this would be a lot more appealing and would make such a cute, novelty gift. for a tea lover. Sadly it’s wasted on me, and won’t be in my caddy anytime soon.

What do you think? Is this you cup of tea (couldn’t resist)?