A Trio of Sephora Masks

This year I managed to sneak visits to the motherland that is Sephora not once, but twice. Not bad going seeing as my first time in the actual physical shop was in May. Anyhow, I though it was about time that I shared with you my must-buys. I am a complete face-mask addict and the ones from the Sephora collection are absolutely amazing. They do them in quite a few different versions, but it thought it would be nice to do a comparison of all the green tea ones so you can see the different formulas and how they differ.

Sephora Green Tea Fiber Mask

For $6.00 you can get your hands on a Fiber Mask or, as we’re more familiar with them in the UK, a sheet mask. I’ve used sheet masks  a couple of times before, and I’ve got to be honest, they’ve been hit or miss. I find the proportions of the mask are always a bit out for me, and it takes me hours to try and position it, let alone keep it on my face. Massive thumbs up for Sephora, the proportions are perfect and you will literally get it into place first time, and it stays there! The mask is absolutely soaked in the serum but don’t worry, it doesn’t really smell of anything. 

The directions advise you to place the mask on a cleansed and dried face for 15 minutes. Once you’ve finished, simply massage any residue into your face rather than washing it off. I noticed instantly that my skin was smoother and softer but it was actually the next day I saw the best results. I used this mask when my skin was a bit blurgh and hormonal, massively in need of a pick me up. The Green Tea range is supposed to matifiy and purify the skin whilst reducing the appearance of any outbreaks you may have. Well, to keep it simple, it did exactly that. Any shininess has disappeared, my skin feels like it’s had a deep cleanse and what’s even better, my skin looks clear! What more can you say to that when a product does what it says it’s supposed to do?!

Sephora Green Tea Sleep Mask

I know what its like at this time of year. You haven’t got a spare second, let alone 15 minutes to lie there with a sheet mask on. And this is where Sephora’s Sleep Masks come in. Packed with the benefits of the sheet masks, this is a weird cream-gel hybird that your skin magically absorbs while you sleep. The formula is so nice, and literally feels like its meting into your skin. To apply, simply apply an even layer over clean dry skin and enjoy your beauty sleep. If you do happen to have an excess left, just wash it off in the morning before your usual routine. I thought the effects wouldn’t have been the same, and I was even worried it would leave my skin greasy, but I shouldn’t have been. It’s exactly the same as the sheet mask and ideal if your in a rush a don’t have time for a full on pamper session.

Sephora Green Tea Fiber Eye Mask

Lastly, the sheet eye mask. Aiming to give a cool, refreshing treatment to the eye area, it also give a smoothing effect for a wide-awake look. After a week of early starts and late finishes, this is something I could do with weekly. To use, simply remove the protective film and position under your eyes. Just like the sheet face mask, after 15 minutes simply remove, and massage any excess product into the skin without rinsing. If any of you suffer from dark circles, this is your new best friend. Say goodbye to layers of concealer, these patches are perfect for your pre-party prep. Or, if your looking to rid yourself of puffy eyes caused by the night before, simply pop them in the fridge and enjoy an extra cooling and soothing pamper session.

Have you tried anything from the Sephora collection?