Just add water || The Make Up Eraser

The original make up remover review

I feel like a bad beauty blogger for admitting this but, I hate taking off my makeup. I’ll come home from a long day at work, wanting to jump into bed, and the last thing on my mind are 20 step skincare routines that get in the way of me and Netflix. I tend to stick to a 2-in-1 Miceallar Water to get rid of the daily grime, but even then I can be tempted with the odd face wipe. Whilst I was over in the States a couple of months ago I picked up the Make Up Eraser in Sephora after seeing it pop up on instagram and youtube quite a bit. Promising to remove your make-up with just water (and that includes waterproof mascara!), this little cloth could be the answer to my prayers. Time to see what the fuss is all about …

Contained in  a bright pink, rubber shaped package, the Make Up Eraser is essentially a large pink face cloth. Rather than a relatively rough Muslin cloth, it’s super soft and actually reminds me of one of those soft-touch fleecy throws. No chance of it upsetting sensitive skin then. After popping the Eraser in the washing machine, your ready to go and remove your make-up fuss free. Simply drench a portion of the MakeUp Eraser in warm water and rub off your make-up in a circular motion. If you fancy giving your skin an added exfoliation, or have stubborn waterproof makeup on, flip the cloth to the side that has the tag on it. When you’re reading to wash your cloth, simply place it in the washing machine, and it should be fine for at least 1000 washes. Oh and FYI, it’s dryer friendly too.

So does it work? Absolutely, undoubtably, yes. I’m not sure how as it’s super gentle, but it removes my daily items a treat. It’s as easy as using a face wipe, but without any nasty chemicals. With all things there are a couple of downsides. The pink colour means that some products may stain the cloth  but, if you buy directly from here, they do a black version. I’ve also found that I struggle removing Benefit’s They’re Real mascara and eyeliner, but I’ve not found anything that makes that budge apart from their own remover.  So all in all, I’ll continue to use my MakeUp Eraser and will probably re-purchase it when the time comes. It won’t take the place of my normal cleansing routine but, as a quick way to remove my make-up it’s the best alternative to face wipes.

How do you remove your make up?