Saving Spree

The irony that this post follows a Haul hasn’t been lost on me. Actually, that’s part of the reason why I’m now watching the pennies. I had the time of my life in America and don’t regret anything for a second, but with Christmas rolling in (yes, I did just say the C word), I’ve suddenly become all too aware of my finances.

Whilst travelling on the trip of a lifetime, having the time of my life, I realised this is what I wanted to spend my hard-earned money on; experiences I would never forget. Now I’m not saying I’m going to stop buying nice bags or bath bombs anytime soon. You all know as well as I do, I’m a true beauty addict and some habits are here to stay. What I am saying though is that I want to stop wasting money and think twice before I get a spur of the moment lipstick or make that 2 am Amazon purchase. I have more beauty products and clothes than I know what to do with, so it’s daft buying more when I already have a stash. Believe it or not, lot’s of things stress me out a bit. I hate having too many options, and clutter gives me anxiety, so at the moment I really am my own worst enemy. 

So on the plane back from San Fransisco, I made a little promise to myself. When I got home I would book another Trek America trip, and I would cut down my shopping to help save up for it. I save cut down my shopping and not stop shopping for a simple reason. It’s impossible; I need essentials, and I will want to buy a pair of winter boots or whatever. Now and again, I’m even going to treat myself to a high end purchase or two. What I am cutting out are those little purchases you don’t even realise you make throughout the month and putting that extra cash away for my travels. I want to use up my stash to get it to a normal size and stop buying shoes I can’t even walk in. Next August I’m travelling down the East of America, starting in New Jersey and finishing in Miami; let the saving begin.

Have you got any tips for me on how to save up for travelling?