Cold Choices

easing a cold

You can’t walk from one end of my floor at work to the other without hearing it. A cough, a sneeze or just a general sigh, it’s obvious cold season is amongst us. Over the last week I fell victim to the dreaded illness. OK yes, it is just a cold, but honestly, I’ve felt dreadful; my head has been pounding, I’m constantly swapping from boring to freezing in the blink of an eye and my eyes are dry one second, running the next. It’s a nightmare.

Thank goodness I had a couple of pre-booked days off so I could rest and relax. Apart from the usual magazines and trashy telly, I’ve been reaching for three products to nurse me back to health. Possibly my most repurchased product of all time, This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is for those of you who find counting sheep a bit bahhh (couldn’t resist). A calming pillow spray, I reach for this bottle whenever I’m stressed, ill or just suffering from insomnia. It does work, and it’s amazing. When I have been awake, I’ve been reaching for H. Gillerman’s Sinus Remedy. OK, yes it is pricer than you average tub of Vicks but when a single drop of this divine smelling oil relives painful, stuffy sinuses for the entire day, it earn’s it’s place on bathroom shelf. Invest and you won’t regret. Lastly I’ve been slathering on a generous coating of Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask. Ridiculously hydrating, this mask can be left on over night to conquer thirsty skin. As I’ve been having a few duvet days, I’ve left this on all day, leaving me feeling good as new by the evening.

Do you have any products you swear by when you’re ill?