5 Ways To Cure Your Blogger Blues

blogging motivation

Hi my names’s Jess and I’m fighting a problem. And you know what the worst bit of this problem is? I’m the only one who can help me recover. That’s right everyone, I’ve lost my blogger mojo. Did you just take a sharp breathe in? Can you hear the violin’s playing? That would be the soundtrack to my very own pity party. Sad isn’t it. 

I have all the symptoms. Negative thoughts about my own blog; check. Avoidance of all blog-related sites; check. Lack of motivation; check. There’s no need to wait 2 weeks for the test results to come back on this one, I’m full of the Blogger Blues. Don’t worry, it’s not contagious. I think.

Luckily, I’ve tried to knock some sense into me and thought I’d share some secrets and help you get your missing mojo back too. Think of it as group bonding.

1.  Stop being a Debby Downer. Like, now!

Call it obvious, but if you think negatively about something, eventually you will feel negatively about it too. Being the typical Brit that I am, I find it a lot easier to point out good things on other people’s blogs and by the time I look at my own, I’m pretty fed up. While your reading this now, open up another window with your blog. Find five things you like about it. Be it the colour scheme, the photography, the type of posts or how the posts are written, we often forget that a blog is made up of many components. Whilst it’s natural for some of these components to be stronger than others, don’t forget about what you do best.

2.  Be constructive and not constricted.

So you naturally focus on the weaker components rather than the stronger ones? Me too. I’m definitely more of a glass half empty person and it sucks. Rather than letting the whole negative vibe keep you down, use it to your advantage. Find out your weakest bits, find out why their weak and work towards making them stronger. Now I have quite a few weaker bits, but rather than trying to doing them all at once and feeling pretty overwhelmed, I’ve decided to focus on one, work on that for a while, and then move on to the next. Sometimes fixing one thing will make everything else fall into place, and you’ll unconsciously up your game on other parts of your blog. 

3.  There’s no I in blogger.

Oh yes, I went there and made a new little blogger cliche. But it does work so I’m going with it. When I’ve lost my blogging mojo, I tend to avoid anything blogger related. My camera gathers dust, bloglovin is ignored and I avoid twitter chat’s like the plague. Don’t. When people say “the blogging community” it’s not just to add an extra spoonful of sugar to a Miss World-esque speech. Talking to other bloggers and making friends is the best perk of blogging. Heard a problem shared is a problem halfed? It’s true. Need help with SEO? Bet someone has done a post on it and will happily direct you to it. Got a question about camera settings? Chances are someone has the same camera and would be more than happy to help. Feeling a part of something is the best way to stay motivated and the only way your going to do that is support your fellow bloggers, have a chat and get involved. 

4.  Inspiration is everywhere.

OK, so before I sat down to type this post, I’d spent all morning moaning to my Mum about how I had nothing to blog about. Lies, as I have a blog notebook full of ideas, but it happened. The bringer of sense that she is, my mum simply said why not blog about not knowing what to blog about. Genius. My Sunday morning drama aside, inspiration for posts hits you in the weirdest of places. I like to make a mental note of features in magazines that grab my attention and topics my friends & I talk about. If it draws my eye and is good enough for a good chit-chat, chances are other people will be interested and want to read it too. Another way is to read plenty of blogs, and don’t just stick to your own genre. Reading a good variety will encourage you to try new things and see new takes on the same-old-same-old. I would not advise copying anyone’s posts, and believe me, it’s obvious, but use it to inspire a new post with your own unique stamp on it.

5. Stop blogging.

Controversial, but I think that, if you don’t want to blog, you shouldn’t. I’m not saying you should stop forever, but having a break might help you fall back in love with your blog. They do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and as blogging is pretty full on, taking some time for yourself might give you a chance to relax and re-energise. Some people need a couple of days, others a month or two, but taking the pressure of blogging off your shoulders may remind you why you started a blog  in the first place.

How to you recover from blogger blues? I’d love to hear your tips!