A/W 2015 – 2016: Round 4

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This is the last post in my autumn winter trend report for this season and today I’m focusing hair and beauty. It’s a big of a mixed bag, but overall, quite easy to do and very wearable. 

Baby Hairs

Baby Hairs, the annoyance of many, but this season you will be thanking those useless whips of hair. Coiled and slicked at Givenchy or sticking out tuft like at Giles, they were everywhere on the catwalk. Stop spending hours trying to flatten them and embrace your baby hairs by pulling them out to update formal buns and braids.

The Great Outdoors

Rather than the bare skin trends of previous seasons, this trend embraces makeup to help you fake that rosy glow you get after a fast paced walk. Think peachy pink pops of blush on the apples of your cheek and windswept hair emphasising waves and curls like on the runways of Topshop Unique and Michael Kors. I’m going to use a salt spray and brush it out slightly to create a more tousled, natural effect.

Walking The Waterline

As seen at Lanvin, Erdem and Robert Cavalli, the easiest way to get cool girl chic is lining your waterline with kohl. More delicate look than lining your lashline, it takes a little bit more of maintenance to keep your line in place, but is a great way to give a look a sophisticated edge.

What beauty trends will you be trying this season?