Autumn Update

Does anyone else class the Bank Holiday weekend as the end of Summer? For me it’s the last goodbye the BBQ’s and sandals, and a hello to dark nights and warm drinks. Of course it’s usually the skies open and the whole weekend becomes a big washout. 

I’m not sad to see Summer go; I’m much more of an autumn/winter kind of girl. Confession time, I’ve already bought my winter coat. It’s a cape and it’s perfect. I love all the rich colours, the spicy scents and the good telly! Autumn is about cosy nights in with lot’s of celebrations thrown into the mix to get us all warmed up for Christmas. Yes I did just say the C-word. Sorry, not sorry.

So just to get you in the mood, I thought I’d share what I’m up to and what I’m excited for!

1. It may be autumn here, but it’s still Summer somewhere.

I may be an autumn girl, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have one last Summer adventure. 

2. You might have finished school and have graduated, but you can always learn something new.

I’m making the most of the dark autumn nights and going to night school with my mum to learn more advanced jewellery making.

3. I’m already planning Halloween costumes. For my dog.

4. September means fresh starts. And of course you need new stationary for said fresh start.  Floral paperweight anyone?

And if all else fails, it’s only 6 more months until Spring.

What are your plan’s for autumn?